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larrivoire 11/29/2004

Peavey Prowler : larrivoire's user review


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That says it all (with precision) by leej

J'apprcie switch to boost the distortion.

The black look is not fun trs my taste (the classic is 30 + + vintage)


The amp is very simple to use.

With a stratovolcano, the sound is pro trs.

As Leej, I also say that one should not use a rack because the sound effect is dnatur.

I use: Ibanez DE7 Delay + Chorus + Boss Boss Disto
(See trs beautiful site of my group


Hardos, go your way, it's not a Marshall.

Blues / Pop => great with a stratospheric playing for Clapton or Stevie Ray Vaughan.

The reverb is nice also.

For the price, it is the maximum.

Above, there is Mesa Boogie, but it is expensive and + + + + + + heavy (& my back is fragile)

And you think the public will see he (or plutt hear he) a Difference??


I have 4 years.

It is reliable.

Report qualitprix unbeatable.

Well to repeat Trs & clubs.

Trs good sound with a stratovolcano.

=> Ca OCCAZ of TRS can be a good deal.