Peavey Classic 30 [1993-2004]
Peavey Classic 30 [1993-2004]

Classic 30 [1993-2004], Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Peavey in the Classic series.

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misterkangooroo 10/03/2003

Peavey Classic 30 [1993-2004] : misterkangooroo's user review


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Small combo lamps.
30 Watts to do well.
two colors: vintage (as pictured) or black (which dchire Amre).
2 channels (bright / saturated)
A boost for the channel saturated (I was not yet found the usefulness)
A reverb

no mute button (with a mute this amp would be perfect, o the 9 / 10)


It's a Peavey so must rgler a minimum (although it's better than 10 years ago), otherwise it's pretty easy to find the types of sound. APRs must go into the fine but globalelement rglages donns in the manual give a ide off potential.

The pb is that the volume is too powerful and too linear, I am clear in his apartment and I go up to max 2 and 1 in distortion! O The day I splurged (2.5 Mt) neighbor came to ask me to fall ...


You can do anything with this amp! Blues, mtal, jazz, rock 70's ...
It's impressive. I spar with my metalzone so the distortion is (good TFWP a SansAmp GT2 comes the Pauler soon but good nonetheless).
But it's clear that his bluff me on my little Squier Start mexico home (not a model of 91 shit now) the sound of the neck pickup out of a Manir prcise and warm. The Clean channel does not saturate, a string me of my old Fender Performer 1000 Crunchant that everything is

Well ok it's not a meza or orange but the sound is, there's nothing wrong for less than 700 is not better combo (yes only at the top are better but hey have to add Bafle or so if is the last little Orange 15W but it is a bit less complete and must love the look).


I have this amp for a month, I bought to go with a Jackson DKMG and sounds monstrously good. Start with my ptite These and bluesy death is hot is that of happiness that makes girls cry. And with my X7 (yes I know but I have no shame, I like Korn and Dream Theater, so I have a 7 string to do all they like) a cash rather well despite the serious if m 'somewhat completed the above named Performer 1000 ...

I put 9 / 10 for overall score especially due to the fact that there is no mute button, because you have to take extra care that much heat lamps but an accident happens so quickly that has become quite stressful, especially the classic 50's one himself. Finally now I have a technical siouxxxe, I turn and I'll psser a good move by taking my time well.

Ah yes another default, which is not really a actually it was more a constraint petiute mchante not well, it is essential to plug into a grounded outlet! Anyway it's pretty rare amps with slecteur type of connection (with or without land).

Finally I love this amp! I had in my life a Peavey Studio Pro 110, a fender performer 1000, a Carlsbro Sherwood junior (transition ct a loan) and really is the first amp that gives me as much plaisr play.