Peavey Classic 30 [1993-2004]
Peavey Classic 30 [1993-2004]

Classic 30 [1993-2004], Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Peavey in the Classic series.

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MGR/Anonymous 06/25/2001

Peavey Classic 30 [1993-2004] : MGR/Anonymous's user review

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I purchased this jewel of an amp from a previous owner in May 1994. At that time in my life I was getting bored with Classical Guitar and had gotten heavily into the Blues. I saw an ad in a local publication for the amp and decided to check it out. I love the warmth of straight tube amps and decided to buy. I actually borrowed $150 from my girlfriend at the time for the amp that had only been played through for a couple of months.

The warm tone, the versatility, it is so light and easy to carry, perfect for small clubs and larger rooms as well. This amp has survived many bangs and drops as a result of heavy drinking college bar gigs. This amp has truly taken a licking but continues to scream out crisp cleans and beautifully dirty warm leads.

The only thing that is more of a hassle than a dislike would be having to change the tubes from time to time. Many a soundcheck has been interrupted by my lack of preparedness and running out to a local music store to purchase a power or preamp tube before a gig.

The amp is housed in a tweed casing. I believe the newer Classic 30s are encased in blace tweed. Mine is a classy looking blonde tweed that truly looks vintage and has some dings to add character. The Classic 30 is a very sturdy unit. Mine has held together very well to be a veteran of several years of heavy gigging.

This amp is great for any caliber of player. It has enough volume for small clubs and with a mic and a good monitor mix, can fill a larger room as well. I have enjoyed it's warm tone and looks since I first laid eves on it and will continue to use it until it literally falls apart.

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