Peavey Classic 30 [1993-2004]
Peavey Classic 30 [1993-2004]

Classic 30 [1993-2004], Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Peavey in the Classic series.

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MGR/MusicDude 01/14/2005

Peavey Classic 30 [1993-2004] : MGR/MusicDude's user review

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I got this amp for $470.00 at my local Sam Ash. I had been using solid state amps for a few years, and I decided it was time to step up to a tube amp. I got the extended warranty too(you need it) so it all came out to $550.00. Best little amp I've ever owned.

Well, comparing it to solid state amps, which I had been using for a while, there is no comparrison. The tone on this is to die for. Very warm, not like a Fender at all. The fenders just seem to be too airy for my taste. It can get fairly loud, enough to shake the house. But for club gigs, you'll need to mic it. This amp is PERFECT for blues. The OD/Distortion on it is really smooth with a nice breakup. All in all, a great little amp.

Well I have no complaints soundwise, but theres some things that I definitely would have liked. First of all, two equalizers would be nice. One for each channel. An included footswitch would be great...I mostly use pedals for my distortion though, so this doesn't pose too much of a problem. The tubes get really hot, more so than other tube amps.

Well it is very sturdy. But the tweed covering peels and cracks if you don't take care of it. Also, this is a tube amp, so you can't afford to drop is much more fragile than solid states. But for just putting it in the back of your car, it'll work fine.

There's four words that accuratly describe this amp...Great First Tube Amp. It has a good enough tone where you will easily be able to tell the difference from solid state, but crazy tone fanatics might come up unsatisfied. So if you're new to the tube amp world, this is the amp for you.

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