Peavey Blues Classic
Peavey Blues Classic
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guitariste95 06/01/2006

Peavey Blues Classic : guitariste95's user review


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So it is a 50 watt all-tube amp with a 15 inch hp (not common it seems).

there are all the usual connections: effects loop, two between two channels.

in SETTINGS, very simple: volume control of both channels, the distortion is really not bad for the blues (must say it's a little advice to use this amp).


The sound is crystal clear and an amazing grain, perhaps because of the size of HP. I almost tend it's better than my fender but have not abuse. it's just different. I tried it with my Start before you buy a precision and really crazy at the sound of the guitar. and then there is a very special grain. the blues type distortion is really so if you want you servire to something more rock, like the way the amp but it is better to add a good disto pedal.


For my part I use with my strat either live with just a wah wah or pedal rack with my boss and marshall and a live6 delays. I also use a GT8.

I'd have to try it with my les paul as one of these days but it sounds so good with the stratum. brief in any case it sounds really great, and despite the name "blues" and sound a bit east you can use this amp for everything that is blues or rock and other genres appaerents (can not be metal anyway)


In short: excellent amp. great sound, not too heavy, quite powerful, more precise and end a classic30 for example, easier in a fender hotrod adjustable too. I find that a 50 watt lacks a little power but it must take the selection of lamps from his former landlord.