Peavey Classic 20
Peavey Classic 20
iamqman 06/22/2011

Peavey Classic 20 : iamqman's user review

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This amp is ok. It is a small practice amp that is rated at 15-20 watts of power. It is a single channel amp that is real basic ad cheap. Peavey doesn't make these amps anymore and have replaced them with the 30 watt classic.

This is a tweed amp that will get you close to the old Fender tweed tones of the 50's 60's with some added features like better EQing controls and boosts.


The manual is helpful as it has settings that will allow you to get a good jump on the tone setting process. They have settings for blues, clean, and metal which helps the user to get a decent manufacturer tone. This allows you to have a good starting point and then move the dials to your specific desired tone.


The tone from this amp is not really my cup of tea. The is geared toward the classic rock player who needs a good Fender tweed style amp, but wants more versatility. The amp is versatile for that kid of player. Having the boost switch is stretching in terms of classic Fender style EQing.

The clean tone is a pretty decent clean tone. You can crank the volume up more and it will get a mild overdrive tone. Having a master volume and a volume allows what you always wanted to do with a Fender tweed but not being able to punch the preamp section at lower volumes.


For me this isn't my favorite amp from Peavey, but it is a decent amp. Peavey doesn't make these amps anymore so you would have to go on the used market. I have seen these amps as low as $50 used but that is a long shot. If you can pick one up for around $120 you would be set. Not a bad price for two channel tweed deluxe style amplifier. You will get a very usable clean tone and a solid distortion tone fit for classic rock, country, and pop music.

I would recommend this amp to anyone who needs a good tweed amp and doesn't want to spend too much to get it. This is a good amp that will give you solid creamy rich classic rock tones all day long.