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Lycaos 02/02/2011

Peavey ValveKing 112 : Lycaos's user review

" I love it!"

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• - 50 watts (rms) Into 16 ohm
• - Two and Three 12AX7 tubes 6L6GC
• - Two independent footswitchable channels
• - Separate EQ For Each Channel
• - Footswitch gain / volume boost on lead channel
• - External speaker capability
• - 12 inch ValveKing (R) speaker
• - With Reverb level control
• - Buffered effects loop
• - Resonance switch for "tight or loose" cabinet response
• - Patented Texture (TM) variable Class A simulation control
• - Footswitch not included
• - Unpacked Weight: 41.00 lbs (18,597 kg)
• - Packed Weight: 46.00 lbs (20,865 kg)
• - Packed Width: 14.25 "(36,195 cm)
• - Packed Depth: 25.12 "(63.8048 cm)
• - Packed Height: 22 "(55.88 cm)


Really it is super easy to use, just read the manual, but must speak English = /
The configuration is simple to share knowledge to properly use buffs and lamps.
We get it fast enough sound really big! It


agree perfectly with my folk metal!
Sound can be fat and heavy, but also more precise, and with him forget the distortion pedal, it will be too violent sinn.
Ptite The reverb is really appreciable, its Chalu HERD lamps is beautiful!
I can do much heavier than the specific distortion.
As it is very clean claquand even if we put the treble boost, and volume too high (over half) it tends to have a cruncher.
But frankly I find it a lil defect is sometimes too heavy, but otherwise I love it with my Cort X2 (and I would love it even more with my EC1000 LTD) since


Use 1 year and a half I tried marshals, engel, mesa boogie line 6, kustom, but my favorite is for him!
Like not just weight, difficulty of transportation, but I like the sound it out myself!
Price impeccable quality, yes yes yes! I would do this choice!!