Rivera thirty twelve
Rivera thirty twelve
lolo 75 12/21/2006

Rivera thirty twelve : lolo 75's user review


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All Tube Amp
2 cranberry, plus a boost by cannal:
- Clear / crunch
- Satur / super saturbr />
3-button footswitch:
- Reverb
- Channel
- Boost

Between output effects loop.


The cranberry are two handy.
It's been four basic sounds depui the footswitch.


Its very typical does not fit all styles!
Its very hot and pais, on both cranberry.
Lots of bass.
Lacks a bit of brilliance and precision.
Even with a distortion pedal on some incisive trs not do metal, but for blues or rock is perfect.
I use a strat delux, the receiver well defined grain, and the resort is very different configurations of microphones.
Also fully respects the dynamics.
I add a parfoit Ibanez analog delay and a wah wah, but I play mostly live on the amp.
8 becaufe I put the sound right for me, but I understand that opinions vary on an amp that changes all the best sellers in the fender and marshall.


I for 1 year
I love the sound.
I regret that we can not connect a 2nd HP.
Interresting price quality ratio.