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Pete Best 10/07/2011

Supro Dual Tone 50W : Pete Best's user review

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The Supro Dual Tone is a modern reinterpretation of Dual Tone of old, conducted by the 'conservative' brand Supro, Bruce Zinky, former head of the Fender Custom Shop Amplifier and designer, among others, the Fender Vibro-King.
The amp comes in two versions, 25 W (2 EL84 lamps) and 50 W (2 6L6)
An effects loop (optional, free but must be specified when ordering.
A spring reverb depth, worthy of the best Fender.
2 HP, Adjustable 4, 8 or 16 ohms.
Settings very simple: one volume, a mid-boost and a "tone" per channel, plus a master volume.


Setup is very intuitive, and there was no manual. (I must say that Bruce Zinky produced in his studio in Arizona a dozen different models, and already some models, including this one, are still absent from their website. This means that no time to perform a manual.)
It gets very easily a lot of good sounds, ranging from very clean Fender to the great Marshall distortion way, without forgetting the sound of the Supro who gave his color Zeppelin I and II.


I can play everything with this amp, including jazz, blues and rock muscular. Among others, it is well suited to my US Strato Deluxe, Gretsch Powerjet to my, or my Ric 12 string. This means that it is versatile. Each guitar is perfectly reflected in this amp, which respects the nature of each instrument.
What amazes me, though Bruce Zinky had promised me is how this amp is silent.


I use it for a week, and could easily replace most of my amps, including a 20W Laney Lionheart, an Orange TH30 and a Marshall Vintage Modern 50W.
I love the retro look and small size. There is nothing wrong if n "is not to be distributed in France. I've ordered from and the owner, a musician himself, has given me in person during a brief passage in the Essonne.
I have nothing to criticize, it is an amplifier designed and built by a master craftsman, solid as a tank (also guaranteed for life) and at the cost of industrial production of lower bills.

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