Tone Americana Evil Robot-C30
Tone Americana Evil Robot-C30

Evil Robot-C30, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Tone Americana.

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philtheheat 11/25/2013

Tone Americana Evil Robot-C30 : philtheheat's user review

«  Made for Rock! »

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All-tube amp.
Two 18W or 30W position. Bypass Switch (require lamps)
Effects loop (SEND / RETURN)
An integrated tremolo (disabled if the effects loop is used)

Two inputs: Low gain and High gain

Two channels
A gain adjustment on each channel

A tone control for two channels
A master volume (useful for playing low level while maintaining the gain)

A footswitch for switching from channel A to channel B and to activate tremolo


Very easy to use for users of tube amp, as standard.

This amp is resolutely Vintage. Do not forget that is a replica of an amp 60s.

The only downside that I will give is the tone control. One tone knob.
No low / medium / high.

Love it or do not like, you can add definition but not sculter sound.
At the same time, is it really useful? Those who seek absolute versatility just buy a multi effect pedal modeling :-(


I think this amp is built for rock. Just look at Phil X demos on YouTube to convince.
That's why I bought it and I was not disappointed.
We find this inimitable grain.

He has a personality, it is undeniable!

You will not have the sound of everyone with this amp, it sends the wood is the word!
But as the volume is quite manageable thanks to its two power positions and especially the master volume (which does not exist I think the Evil Robot Version store)

The sound is fat, a little dirty I would say, even if it is always difficult to describe a sound.
I made a small modification by replacing the lamp 12AX7 preamp with a 12AU7 which allows you to have much clearer sound. I alternate depending on the groups that I play and it provides an unexpected versatility of this amp.

In the basic configuration (12AX7) if you play on humbuckers, you can get clear sound by playing on the volume knob of the guitar. I think anyway that this amp is not made for that. Lovers of his Fender -> Buy a Fender :-)

This amp has its own personality, I said above. For the rock is happiness, with a Les Paul, SG or other skyscraper equipped with humbuckers, there's nothing to add. You branches and you make yourself happy, return to simplicity and his lamps that twist. Especially on the High Gain input. Besides the choice of the input changes dramatically rendering term gain.
No problemo for a strat or a TV and it's happiness, well crunchy on Channel B and Channel A to the lead again but happiness blues.
The effects loop is a big plus for me because it allows the insertion of a reverb or delay that my game is more distortion while maintaining the lamps. And frankly it is inimitable. I've never experienced anything like.

Side pedal, just happiness, it takes everything with happiness while remaining true to his personality.
Including pedals distos he cut advantage (in my opinion) the high frequency of some pedals that tend to resemble a bee swarm (I hate that).

But he need a distortion pedal when you have a receiver like that? NO. Its distortion is much better than anything I heard in pedal.


This amp at this price is a little gem.
You do not have the amp everyone. It's not Fender, it's not Peavey, Marshall is not the Evil Robot and it is everything and it's huge.

If you play rock / blues this amp is trying to hurry! The problem is you can not try it :-( It is not in France. Should therefore rely on video Phil X and frankly they are faithful rendering.

If you are looking for clean sounds, this is not the ideal amp for sure! Though one can have by plugging into the Low Gain channel with single coils and more replacing the pre-amp tube with a 12AU7.