Vox AC15C1
Vox AC15C1
SonicPulverizer 10/07/2012

Vox AC15C1 : SonicPulverizer's user review

« A pedalhead's best friend »

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The Vox AC15C1 is an excellent low wattage combo amp with supple features and a welcome compact size. Powered by el84s, this AC15 is a twin channel design that is separated by the input. The normal channel has a single volume control, whilst the top boost channel has a dedicated EQ stack. The Tone cut control acts as a pseudo presence control, allowing you to roll off high frequencies. The addition of a master volume on this amps gives you the ability to wind up the preamp for hotter gain sounds. Onboard Reverb and Tremolo gives you more options to enhance and sculpt your sound.


The master volume is a very important update to the AC15, giving you the ability to get more aggressive sounds without the ear-bleeding volumes typically involved. The amp is very easy to dial in and the built in reverb really helps accentuate the lush cleans available. The amp is very loud for its power rating and is easily a giggable amp. It is also an excellent platform for pedals, but does not take well to everything.


I played through the AC15 with a Gibson Tweedy SG. JHS morning glory. Weehbo JCM drive. Strymon Timeline.

The normal channel is capable of very pleasant clean sounds and with the help of a "cleaner" overdrive, such as the JHS Morning Glory, can deliver some righteous sparkle and breakup. The Top boost channel is immediately more percussive and aggressive. Winding up the volume really gets the amp into a useable classic crunch sound. I paired the Weehbo JCM drive to the amp with great success. The amp was capable of copping very modern gain sounds with a great level of authenticity.


The Vox AC15C1 is the best performing amp in it's price point. It's an excellent pedal platform and outperforms it's closest competitor, the Egnater Tweaker, in sound quality. If you need a giggable amp that's small on size and big on sound, this amp is where it's at. Mic'ing up the amp in a live setting can get this amp more than enough mileage.