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Vox AC15C2
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cyar cyar

«  Exactly the sound I was looking for »

Publié le 02/28/14 à 06:40
All-tube amp.
2 channels, one normal and one boost.
The difference between the two channels is actually EQing settings and especially the level of crunch

Reverb and tremolo switchable by foot switch.


Is allowed to warm a little amp for the lamps are temperature, one branch and it sounds now!
Few settings equations but very effective.
Bass and treble for boost and cut tone for the normal channel.
But do not expect to have a big distortion natively, it is still a crunch, even on the boost channel.
For my part, I use a pedal on T-rex Mudhoney2 for a true big distortion.
But my clean sound is incomparable with this little crunch of lamps which gives a warm, accurate sound.
Very powerful, 15W more than enough to play over a battery with a lumberjack in charge!

Never touched the manual too easy to adjust intuitively.


I play it with an Ibanez Jet King hollow body.
I get a good vintage sound as I wanted, but powerful.

2 channels are not switchable directly. For this I go through a pedal switch with 2 outputs, one for each channel.
Lacks some settings in serious to the normal channel.


I do not regret my purchase.
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