Vox AC30 Vintage
Vox AC30 Vintage
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moosers 02/14/2009

Vox AC30 Vintage : moosers's user review


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The Vox AC30 is a classic tube guitar amplifier. I'm not sure how many watts are delivered, but this thing can really crank. It has 1/4 inch inputs for your instrument. In terms of tone control, it is split into three sections - volume, tone, and vibrato. In the volume section there are knobs for normal volume, brilliance volume, and vibrato volume. The tone section has bass, treble and cut and the vibrato section has speed and vib-trem.


The AC30 is quite easy to use and getting a good sound out of this is quick and easy. If has a variety of tone controls (listed above) that allow the user to get a variety of different tones. I don't have a manual for this but I've never needed to use one.


This amp definitley suits my style of music as I play a lot of rock music. The AC30 has become famous because of the crisp, warm tone it gives off. I use it with guitar only and generally use it for the clean tone as it is rich and is great for playing Beatles and Rolling Stones songs. This amp is great for Beatles songs because they were using these! The overall sound quality is unique and it has built a reputation for having a great tone.


I've been using AC30s for about five years. I love using them whenever I need to record a clean electric guitar track, but it can also crank pretty loud and give you a nice overdrive sound. I would compare this to a Fender Twin Reverb as they are similar sounding and are in the same price range. I like the AC30 better than the twin when it comes to slightly overdriven signals, as the crunch it produces is legendary. The price is set right for an amp like this and I would definitley recommend it to anyone looking to get a high quality guitar amplifier.