Blackstar Amplification Artisan 30H

Artisan 30H, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Blackstar Amplification in the Artisan series.

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yoTrakkz 11/08/2011

Blackstar Amplification Artisan 30H : yoTrakkz's user review

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The Blackstar Artisan 30H is an amazingly pumped up amp for its size. The settings it features are "Acoustic, JC Clean, Black Panel, Brit Combo, Classic, Rfier, and Mic" Its features many effects "Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Delay, and reverb." The true benefit of getting this amp is its portability, using 6 AA batteries it can be taken almost anywhere. Even though it has only 2watts it packs a punch. The only problem is that if u want to get serious about playing in a band you will definitely need a larger amp


I have a collection of amp modeling units and was pleasantly surprised by the punch this one delivers. Many years ago I had a roland Cube and just loved the sound. I'm happy to say that their reputation remains intact. I find that, splitting my signal to this unit plus one of my other modeling units and going direct into the mixing board results in some authentic vintage sounds. I chose this unit over a Fender Champ, small Marshall or Vox alternative. You should check it out as well.


Sounds pretty good.


Power and Loudness - at very moderate levels the sounds are great, but trying to get anything close to loud from this amp is futile. I looked inside and there is not even a "normal" power transitor visible on the circuit board! So its really a headphone amp with a speaker! You need to connect to a pa or other guitar amp from the headphone out. PA LEVEL-The PA is only useful in a crunch with a small and behaved crowd (like PTA night). If you need a portable PA, a megaphone would be a better deal! INPUT LEVEL-the volume from a cd/mp3 player has No gain and is dependent on the level of the source. Also, no effects are active on the line input (as is common)