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Blackstar Amplification Series One 200
Blackstar Amplification Series One 200
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Pucelle_Dabidjan Pucelle_Dabidjan
Publié le 03/26/10 à 12:04
Amp head made of high quality in Korea.
Operating in class AB.
Weight 30 kg
With four Sovtek 12AX7, 1 12AU7 Electro Harmonix and four-STR KT88 Tube amp doctor
Announced power, 200w. MEASURED WITH 250W POWER GAIN AT NOON
2 sections of potis and a master section
MIDI control
Effects loop series
Price 2200 euros

A little kick in the head I can see it&#39;s very well built. No black magic, hocus pocus no, three plates printed board pre-assembled with as few fittings computer. However, I note the presence of a large radiator, probably intended, in this case, to absorb heat. Bravo.

{8} Head very complete, very visibly contruite and offers everything for the pleasure. I put nine overflow because such adjustments would have deserved more channels to be addressed and the equipment is perhaps a little low in effects loop. If it already goes in the direction of too much, so much to go completely.


From the first moment, we understand that the head will require a lot of work setting before you can get the best. It is the antithesis of the 65 amps and other budda that rule to the feeling of turning knobs react logically. Here, we are quite in the class "mesa setup". We try and refines it. We can all get out, but it will take the lead. I note however that the knobs have a race far more logical than an old face. it&#39;s always fun to denote.

Note use is severe because, in addition to cotton to settle, this head is VERY POWERFUL! And when I say VERY POWERFUL, I think it is what makes STRONGER on the market today. I do not really recommend the use in half stack, and not with any firm. My 1960 marshalls wanted to die, the mesas were saying goodbye, the crate and other randall showed themselves completely overwhelmed, the orange cab cashed, but did not have the same ease in low and low mids than the cab Blackstar. In fact, I recommend you use the machine with the cab directly from the manufacturer in question. "It is true that bin good!" I can see some point, saying "the switch dpr he is there for what ?"... to adjust the working point / volume to different situations of live and studio friends. A low volume, its head has a stuffy and coughing on the edge of dying. He must be pushed up high so the sound takes the height, but your brain has released before.

{4} Yes, you can have fun with this head, but the setup is tedious and must be shielded cabinet and space to really use this head.


In terms of sound, the head showed me that in considering the settings, there is not much we did not. The clean can seem, at first glance, a bit analytical, but playing with sounds and isf (I insist, to be used together for significant interaction), it can mutate into clean hot and balanced or clear channel cut with a knife at very high volumes. The dynamic is, whatever decision, always remarkable.

In crunch, the lady displayed a thundering british character will match the best in the genre. The sound can be likened to a JCM800 which is passed through an intensive tuning. Mediums fatter, hotter and more broadly in its harmonic distortion. The sound bites with a nice earthy and a big push. The space crunch is what is remarkable. When you push the gain, the sound is more compressed lead already, with one side a bit more nasal and it also becomes more noticeable in the treble. The dynamic separation is excellent. The use of ISF on this channel is even more impressive on the clean channel. Crunch crunch or super? You&#39;ll be the master.

When one goes into OD-1, compared to crunches, mediums are of the square. The biting attack increases and puts forward. it sounds more modern but also hotter. It still maintains a foothold in the vintage crunch. This channel has sustain to spare and the love switch in the treble. The compression is very low. Shreddeur perfect channel for me.

In OD-2, the sound is even more heat (yes it&#39;s possible) and sensitivity in the game increases. The bass and lower midrange attack by particularly strong. Metalheads and rockers will be heavy for them.

I notice a consistency between OD1 and OD2 commendable. The two channels can fully cooperate and so much the better.

I still want to talk about the level of gain, because for some it is essential. The Blackstar is not part of the amp the most aggressive on this front. But it remains defined even at high earnings levels, where some of its competitors begin to become muddy.

{10} does not happen often, but when it should be noticed, we noticed. 10-10 in the tone beast.


Eh what? both?

Yes, two! First, it was relocated to a head right, which cost a pittance to produce and which we sold more expensive than a mesa triple recto (base price us). I can not see in the accounts of Blackstar, but I can assess what it costs them to manufacture the gear. And there, the 2200 euro no longer justified. Pcb board in the factory-made does not require endless efforts to produce, or demand for labor far. If, in addition, we calculate that the worker is paid between 1 and 5 dollars an hour and that has certainly benefited Blackstar nice discount mass components. Enough said. As already stated for the haze Marshall, relocating to sell its product only slightly less expensive than the competition, what&#39;s the point? Yes, I know, it&#39;s very philosophical and blue flower, but I am rocker, and when I see this as gear S1-200, it disgusts me. I can not help it. A müller or stevens, manufactured in Germany by a guy who is not used are just 400 euros more expensive. I do not deny the ease of this blackstar sound or thundering its versatility. But competition "decent" is not far.

Two further, because the volume is absolutely preposterous that develops this monster does not in any case the use of everyone. Only a minority of musicians will play the Zenith and the Stade de France.

Both still, as repeated in a local "normal" closed seems risky. I&#39;m not saying it&#39;s impossible, but I think that compromises in the setup are necessary.

{2} undeniably a good head, but not for everyone.

I do not know you, but you are Russian, Chinese or French. I will defend to the death for your right to exist.
(Cit: me ^ ^)
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