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Brides108 01/09/2007

Brunetti XLII R-Evo 120w : Brides108's user review


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120 W tube amp (4xEL34), 3-channel fully indpendants
MIDI control! effects loop tube rglage SERIES / parallle
Rglages for each channel: gain, bass, mid, edge (high frquence), volume, bright and clear channel on the Focus on the channel and boost Lead. + Power and depth (global master level).
In short there is everything! And looking more PRS without srieux: the pots are plastic, and rglages are legible, sturdy chassis trs
Trs beautiful pdalier included (3 channels) + cover
Petit point wise: it Pipelines Limited in the chassis of the head, a housing for a 1U rack ... very practical!
In short delivery high
I put 10 for the loop tube + MIDI all of the same!


The config is simple but not simplistic! trs complte, offers a multitude of choices. It has good sound trs quickly, but MRIT some attention on both the quality of rglages + offers three channels so each channel are indpendants paramtrables and takes longer than 2 channels!
The manual is clear, but TRS good in English but we understand everything. 9 because the manual in English


I sought a head at the modern high gain with a nice and pretty clean sound. I'm thrilled!, I was not looking forcment I only use 3 channels and also the clean and the Lead, the boost can be used for Crunch (sounds that I do not my style of music, east Mtal, Nu Mtal).
I play with a quip in EMG ESP + Brunetti quip in Jensen speaker.
The Clean is clear, always clear, trs pleasant ear and one of the best ever heard on a modern sound to the head (with that of the Uber). Rglages we go with the sound of the lens a little more round mat. It can boost more or less, make more or less straight. A rgal.
The boost channel, thundering! you have to play the guitar for knob get Crunch (but hey I am trying quip in with EMG single coils ....) It bifteak the attack on one is the big dj saturation, is a trs prcis, prsence big, the sound is very modern DJ.
Lead channel, the big bath, the receiver spits rage, an amazing level of gain, with the mode Extra Depth rglage what a sound! (any Manir once you taste it is still mode extra). The sound is trs prcis, beautiful dynamic sound!. Solo trs fluid, powerful agreement, in thickets, you break a wall! and not a breath!
Trs aggressive sound without being "rude". But watch for anything out of this head is modern, scratch looking for more curves (a real crunch for example) must look to its more vintage, the head 059.


I use it for two months and it is a rgal.Plus I play it the more I like the sound, the possibilities.
I love everything about this head! Pilotage MIDI sound as clear as in saturated ....
I tried other heads before you buy: The Dual (MESA), Power and FireBall (ENGL) KRANK (rvolution) and CL Pittbull (VHT). Brunetti and VHT is that cracked me the most ... but XL''R-EVO had MIDI.
I do it again this choice with his eyes closed