Bugera V55HD
Bugera V55HD
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christian.cuisinier 10/11/2014

Bugera V55HD : christian.cuisinier's user review

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Lamps; 2 starters, 2 volumes (master, etc.); trble / medium (with switch "vintage" very interesting); bass; presence; reverb. 55 W "lamps" ...; simple connections.


Config & unnecessary manual sound: good for "old fashion lover" (+ 55 years, used the Marschall, Sound City (old mark of 60-70S) ...


Do for making "contemporary rock" blues, jazz, country ... the questions are inappropriate; guitar (G & L, Ibanez Modified Wilkinson mini Humb;. ...) I love all the sounds because I created myself with my guitar, and not the reverse (playing with the sounds "provided" it sounds pretentious, but it's the right attitude question that we want.)


3 years; tried those mentioned above + Fender Deluxe 85 (all transistors, see section); value very good: I find the sound fabulous, lights are essential, because they create harmonics. I have said elsewhere that seemed fake guitar on an amp transistors, and "harmonic" (qques settings to bridge: the case of a stratovolcano, everyone knows that changing strings requires retuning of the bridge, it that is not within the reach of first come in when it is a good guitar (G & L), things get complicated: the harmonics are more on good microphones, even on a "Indonesia";) .. So, the subject is "in progress": this amp has not delivered all its secrets sounds, and it's exciting to discover daily (!). a defect that makes the "7": the reverb tube hums after a few hours (or months) So this is a big worry.