Bugera V55HD
Bugera V55HD
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notryt 05/27/2013

Bugera V55HD : notryt's user review

« V55HD Great Classic 50s-60s tone »

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Let me say I never dis anything unless it is bad... so that being said I will not Dis this amp either... First let me get the basics out of the way. It really looks vintage...It cleans up well. The back cabinet is a dust magnet. (back to easily cleaned) The stock tubes do the job. I imagine better tubes could never hurt though the only tube I have ever changed is the v1 to a tung-sol .. it really makes the clean channel shimmer. as far as the od channel goes ( I really don't use it.. I strictly go through a rp1000 and the built in stomp box loop.... But to just plug in directly and play it will give you black sabbath/ac-dc not anything more than that... But using any distortion device (which this amp handles well, you can push it into metalesque like tone) I have used a digitech distortion station and it handles every setting including Muff Pii. As far as Gigging with it I do not see why not .. Ive seen others gigging with the v55hd so I guess they are either confident or fool hardy. The only downside to this amp is the size and weight.. I do not believe it needs to be so big (taller than need be.. and at about 40 lbs weighs as much as most 100 watt valve amps..
So running it down pluses: 1:sounds great clean.. 2:takes stomp boxes well.3:easily cleans up. and 4: (in my experience) very reliable
Minuses: 1:Distortion channel is good for 50-60s rock..distortion rating would be about a 5.5/10. (needs a stomp box boost) 2: size and weight not in line with other amps its class.. 3: the design makes the back a dust magnet..
I'd rate the value of this amp a 9/10 for what it was designed for 10/10 but like everyone else, we want an amp to cross over to the dark side a bit and this one can't. Rating 6/10 with help from a stomp box 8.5/10

There are those who don't like bugeras, those who don't trust bugeras, those who have never tried a bugera, and then there are the rest of the bugera faithful who like/love em...
(One thing abut the bugera line.. for better or worse.. It has inspired a lot of manufactures to
engineer, build, and sell budget valve amps.. that for the working class stiff can afford to buy out of pocket)


This is an excellent sounding amp played clean or clean with effects


primarily use an rp1000, distortion station and a blt slapback


9/10 very good budget conscious amp... played as it was designed.