ENGL E645 PowerBall Head
ENGL E645 PowerBall Head

E645 PowerBall Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from ENGL in the Powerball series.

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childrenofmetal 12/26/2004

ENGL E645 PowerBall Head : childrenofmetal's user review


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Bon bah I see that I'm not the first

Everything has already been said, especially the view very relevant EuphoricRider ( ) But if you need more http://www.engl-amps.com/

Nothing to add so ...

I do not put a little as 9 for the same reasons that Mr. guano gain share on the clean and crunch even though it still manages to get by with a very beautiful clean and a good crunch ...


The configuration of the whole does not seem so simple in fact! Normment say it offers opportunities but it is very easy to find a HUGE very very quickly.

Uh manual issue, it is quite lite but I do not see what the author might have added ... Except maybe the recipe for Bavarian sauerkraut but ...

So use very simple (despite all the possibilities !!!), small switches and knobs and Presence Depht punch can get a pallet of the really large (as in clear that distortion).

Another plus: The two Master A & B really super convenient!


For the style of music no doubt be ca lol (trash, heavy etc ...)

For the moment no effect (the GT-3 in the loop completely denatured her!) So the background waiting for a G-major or something like that ...
For the guitar is an Ibanez S540FM equipped with an SH-13 (guano thank you!) And a D161.

So it's going to the big distortion devastating pure clean (sometimes very edge electro acoustic)

What struck me the most is the tape gain! Never seen so much gain on an amp lamp! Excellent!
I do that very rarely exceeds 3 / 4 and yet when I saturating a max ca! I would say that there is a little more saturated than 5150 with a precision and more grain


I have the beast for 3 weeks and I find this amp simply ha-lu-cinant!
What's what power! I always come back not in fact!
Every agreement I have a beginning of erection!

Before I decide I tried a lot of amp (Fireball, Brunetti XI, Warp X, Savage, 5150, Mesa rectOverb ...) and none of them comes close (in my opinion ...) ! The Savage was also really good especially clean, but with less distortion snapping ... more mat I felt ...

In addition the report qualitprix is ​​really unbeatable! 2600 + head of the cabinet ENGL V30 4x12 + "small" pdalier Z5 is going well!

I would do this without any choice hsitation!!

I'm trying to record some samples of the beast for those interested ...