ENGL E645 PowerBall Head
ENGL E645 PowerBall Head

E645 PowerBall Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from ENGL in the Powerball series.

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icarus78 10/27/2004

ENGL E645 PowerBall Head : icarus78's user review


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It's my turn to add a layer,
t already said everything (thank you other you my job easier)


While no simple way to turn it we like it not running yet
ca yest it almost sound but its missing something so we pressed a mini switch (very practical way) Unfortunately I could not try everything I was trying for 2 hours in a shop in Pigalle


Then we enter the heart of the matter of the MALG the fact that I do not possde the head but I have enough gambling for you to make a résumé.
engl test with a 4 * 12 Mt in v30 and a jackson RR5 in Mount Seymour Duncan sh4
Then its clean-beautiful
thanks to the mini switch can make the sound more or less brilliant for IDAL cocottes funky crunch or no regard for gnial a high gain amp all lamps.
After the crunch-mode
Mode 2 channel then we will clean the little blues overdrive to its lightweight typical acd / dc
how big a lead channel distortion very heavy (IDAL prfr my channel for heavy rhythm
Mode 2 channel lead then trash his property perfect for solos sound is perfect means playing all the notes and I had fun for me to Sir Darell playing cowboys from hell with a Randy Rhoads Strap almost j'tais currently heabangier TElement sound good silent

wholesale only happiness you can do everything on it
this amp is versatile you can do everything with


It's a great amp
you can do anything with him but I want to prciser it is made for the big metal metal
He sent strong is a pa amp room can be largely ensured a concert without being taken over by a PA

Exprience with this choice I do it again because I prfre hsiter without much grain engl mesa more than the quality of sound is almost the same for less then there pa picture
engl powerball
and report qualitprix virtually unbeatable