ENGL E645 PowerBall Head
ENGL E645 PowerBall Head

E645 PowerBall Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from ENGL in the Powerball series.

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Stengah 11/05/2003

ENGL E645 PowerBall Head : Stengah's user review


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The amp is a monster ENGL Powerball 100W all-tube, with 4 channels and many rglages handy.
You guessed it, it is more particularly those who are fond of distos very heavy, and this is where he excels, and it remains my opinion Ingal if not by other amps of the same brand.

This amp has four channels so more than many who make a CONTRL trs amp using a simple but can forge his own sound: selection of style mids: open or focused, bottom switch for channel 3 and 4 (+ low-level preamp), depth of punch CONTRL (CONTRL special low-level amplifiers), bright and bottom button for channels 1 and 2, the treble CONTRL Sparer for channels 1 and 2, etc ... plus noise gate, an effect loop, MIDI functions, etc ... trs amp so it's a complete, but rest assured you are very practical too.


The diffrent rglages can build its trs his fast, and makes the amp sound great diversity, you can play, really. The advantage is the rel prsence 4 channels, as a switcher, you can switch from a clear sound crunch rhythm sound a lead sound without worrying about anything.
Also some settings like the style mids are also adjustable and can be rapel by the switch, so in fact the use of this amp is really easy.
I do denotes the operation of the noise gate that mutes too fast my taste, but this one is adjustable and the amp is all fawn trs siliencieux ...


The sound .... This is the amp that we rvle greatness.
I would say it reached perfection, for indeed judge this amp is only a matter of taste, but the sound in it and even God ...
The clean channel is clear, unlike many other amps of this type. you can make an agreement, you will not hear the crunch, which is exceptional for this range of amplifiers. SETTINGS let you move from a warm sound and crystalline percuttant.
The crunch channel trs is striking, and he alone is trs versatile, depending on the settings. Trs really good.
The Rhythm channel ... I can not find the words ... Take the best of Mesa and combine it with the best of Marshall, and you have the sound. We must try, I really can not dcrire, all I can say is that this is by far the best sounding amp distortion all together. One can just as well as playing thrash death metal than rock, it will be perfect.
The Lead channel is about the same, it has more bass and is softer, but equally devastating. it may be appropriate are those of no metal, personally I stay on channel 3.

If I had to compare an amp that would be a JCM 800 modd but better.

I trs is precisely that it is sensitive to the firm you use, the wood of your guitar, etc ... This can be good as a bad thing. I use it with ENGL 4x12 Vintage cabinet (vintage HP 30) and an ESP guitar with EMG pickups, I can tell you that every time I turn on the amp and I play, I know that I ' have the best sound ...
It took me a week to find it, but I now have the best listening experience, this is all subjective of course!


I would not change amp. What more could you want, when you have a 4 channel amp that sounds so good?

I would just say that before buying this amp, you must try it, it's imperative. Indeed, there are other amps of the same brand that you love can be more, Night on SAVAGE, that is just as Exceptional, but has a different sound.
Some like the savage, others powerball. We must try.

Report quality perfect price, I pay 1470 euros (nine) and for the same price I do not see better.