Epiphone Valve Junior Head
Epiphone Valve Junior Head

Valve Junior Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Epiphone in the Valve series.

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Maltigow 03/13/2014

Epiphone Valve Junior Head : Maltigow's user review

«  Small amp, small review »

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Head 5W all-tube amp.
A knob, an input, output 4, 8 and 16 ohms.
Good build quality, not absolutely cheap.
Look fabulous.
Information easy to find on the net more technical.


B # tch, please ... :)


It sounds great, and you turn the knob, the more it saturates point. Too powerful to play back in the apartment, but at low volumes it is suitable if the HP is not dependent on the potato that he sends. At worst, the acquisition of an attenuator for a 5W is not death.
His natural style is rock, but it supports very well the pedals gain, which opens to all styles. Good compliance with it too ...
A guitarist can not not have fun with this kind of toy.


I learned to really serve me an all-tube amp with this, even if it was not my first.
Purchased at the base to play at home without détapisser, but big mistake, too powerful to be pushed without disturbing.
Of its simplicity, it has allowed me to really realize easily the effect of a change in lamp preamp, find my taste in the material, the same for HP.

Considering the price, overall quality, versatility and look, and with 5 years back, for my use as side / buff / fun / homestudio / deco amp, I stick him on October 1st sincere.