EVH 5150 III 50W
EVH 5150 III 50W

5150 III 50W, Tube Guitar Amp Head from EVH in the 5150 III series.

Innerside 04/02/2013

EVH 5150 III 50W : Innerside's user review

«  A "little" monster ... »

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Lamps 50W amp
Everything there is a classic amp.
HP outputs selectable depending on the hp is used.
3 channels, including the 1st and 2nd with eq / shared flight.
Preamp Out
Effects loop
Midi In (super convenient)


Very simple:

- It energizes
- Heat is allowed a few moments
- It switches the standby
- We sent!

The sound is very well defined, clear are friendly, the monstrous crunches, and more saturated sounds are really huge.


Yes, the metal, the head is huge, and became a classic.
I use it with a Line 6 M9, which allows me to switch channels via the noon, and at the same time use a configuration of various sounds (clean + chorus, flanger + Crunch, Lead + delay ...)
I added a TS on the crunch it gives him a great bite.
We must also think of a good noise gate if you push really hard to gain.


I use it for a few months, and I really find the sounds I was looking for a sound that is both organic and aggressive but also incisive.
I have not tried other heads, my choice is directly went to EVH.
The only "negative" will be the small difference in volume between the clean channel and crunch, which share the same eq and the same volume.
I solved this by slightly boosting the output with the M9.
Another thing to know is what is not that small, for comparison, it falls smack bang on my 2x12 in width, and is a little shorter in depth, so nickel apart.