FX Amplification Classic Plex
FX Amplification Classic Plex

Classic Plex, Tube Guitar Amp Head from FX Amplification.

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drapeau_rouge 11/22/2014

FX Amplification Classic Plex : drapeau_rouge's user review

«  The Crunch Machine !! »

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Classic Plex is an all-tube amp head, 20 watts switchable 2 watts, handmade with madness components. No PCBs, as the wiring point by point.

This amp has features that made me crack compared to other competitors (Splawn, Cornell, Matamp, Friedman and so on):

- The presence of a true loop transparent effect drivée by a preamp tube,
- The presence of 2 EL 34 power tubes (very rare in these low power)
- The possibility to switch 2 watts,
- Self-bias switch to change the lamps power itself, without repeating the bias (this should be the norm in all the amps)
- Finally, the ability to switch head 2 watts for calmer conditions. This allows you to push the master volume of the amp to enjoy the natural saturation power tubes. And it's downright significant because this amp applies to reproduce british sounds whose sound is related to the saturation of the power tubes! Imagine a REAL plexi pushed her into a corner at low volume ...... Now you understand why I cracked now !!

Despite its name "Plex" Classic Plex does not merely that sounds in the spirit of a Marshall Plexi. Through a 3-position selector, I can select a clean sound strongly reminiscent of the famous JTM 45, a crunch derived from a Plexi and finally a lead sound to sound in a pure spirit JCM800.

For complete specifications, I refer you to the site FXamps. It really miss anything this comprehensive amp head.


The usage is really very simple. Find great sound is equally! No manual is necessary.


Finally a Marshall style amp with EQ really works !! Mini-switches "Deep" and "Bright" are also used to sculpt the sound, as their name implies, add depth to the sound and / or shine.

The cleans sounds are not the strong point of the amp but they remain very good, much more than what can be obtained with a Marshall amp. Anyway, my ex JCM800 2203 was worse. The sound is warm and although Blackface Bassman or type the sounds are not there, the clean is far from ridiculous.

Crunches this amp sounds that are simply the best british sounds that were given to me to hear, while the leads have that grainy next to the best Marshall. Again, my JCM 800 2203 is Strawberry and Classic Plex is distinguished by his ability to produce great sound bearable volume, all without background noise.

The voicing of this classic Plex totally fine with me. Unlike my old JCM800, I have no need to push the amp to an unreasonable volume for the sound. Moreover, once pushed her, I do not have those pesky and garish acute that pierced my eardrums. The bass are deep and punchy, even at high volume, while the mids are much more detailed. A great success !!! The slaughter continued when I switche 2 watts the amp because I get the same sound 3 times less strong ...!

Even staying in 20 watts, I was very surprised by the quality of the master volume is an escalation that I had never seen on an amp. I did not even know that such escalation was possible in fact.


I use it for almost a week non-stop. This home FXAmps Classic Plex is a great success, machine cruncher totally amazing. I was amazed by this amp. Beyond the sound, the ability to play at a reasonable volume without compromising sound is a feat that I have not found in other brands, at least not at this level of attenuation (20w -> 2w) .

The only complaint I can speak to this Classic Plex is the slight lack of gain to arrive at a JCM800. Almost there yet! The problem could be solved by replacing the first preamp lamp by another with more gain.

The price / quality ratio is very good. I think the Classic Plex offers Competes features and excellent sound for a more than fair price. I do not regret my choice and I would do it 1000 times.