FX Amplification Classic Plex
FX Amplification Classic Plex

Classic Plex, Tube Guitar Amp Head from FX Amplification.

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FX Amplification Classic Plex : Anonymous 's user review

«  The history of British Rock in the head:-) »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Head amplifier while lamps.
Covers all dcades 60's, 70's, 80's British sounds, J.Hendrix Angus Young:-)
Gain / Low / Medium / Treble / Volume + slecteur 3 positions + Gloss + Deep higher / Quiet (Quiet).
Tube effects loop, 4/8 / 16ohms + 2x speaker outputs.
Power: 20Watts
Mono channel CATEGORY class A, 20w switchable 2W. Available in 115V or 230V.
3x 12AX7 + 2x EL34. User replaceable / miscible power tube EL34 / 6L6,
Do ncessite NO rglage bias!
Point by point, manually manufactured with high quality components.
L: 50cm, H: 22cm, W: 21cm, 12 kg.
.dropoff Window Tolex Color: Black or customizable.

The ClassicPlex has the master volume spciale ultra linear technology, "designed to play any level, even very low. It has a 20w switch / 2w for calmer conditions.
.dropoff Window Slecteur 3 Modes orients British "Marshallian" (Cool) JTM (Plex) JMP (Brown) JCM!

For more information:


Super simple setup, no need for manual (there is none), plug and rings ...
It is very easy to sought-sound.
It possde a good dose of very high gain, living, dynamic, and even low volume!
amp perfect for playing live and in the house!


It is ideally suited some of my musical styles ... Southern Rock, Blues, Hard Rock.
Regarding Rockab '& Classic Rock 50's, my amp tweed Fender '57 wonders.

JTM the clean mode is very clear lens.
With the other two modes Plexi & Brown we go from clean to dirty greasy crunch, while remaining dfini.
The master gain is really effective, it also passes easily from clean to crunch.
The volume Gnral (Level) and when it flexible and progressive.
The drive is beautiful, exactly what I was looking for!
It is a branch cab Marshall 2061CX rquip 2 Celestion G12M Creamback made with a rich and warm.
All my guitars go: Gibson LP, ES-335, SG, Fender Strat, Tele. With a preference for my teams LesPaul P90 (ahhh what Roar) and the SG maestro team bam Wolfetone.


Used for only a few days, I already love it:-)

Until now I used my Marshall JTM45 with 30W muscls that perfectly fulfills its live on (not every day), but almost impossible to play home without attnuateur (onreux) dnaturer without any sound which remained even too strong.
Then go through the rab techn box "rglages of bias" at the lower replacement lamp.

My two months of patience is rewarded t largely with this amp a best finish and perfect for my use.

The report qualitPrix: It is certainly not given but when yrflchi the quality and good work has a price ... and it is largely justified!
As my great-Pre "We are not rich enough to buy inexpensive qed ^^
To prefer the quality that lasts a cheap amount:-))

Congratulations FX!