Hiwatt  DR-504 Custom 50 Head
Hiwatt DR-504 Custom 50 Head

DR-504 Custom 50 Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Hiwatt in the Custom series.

-Livingroom- 07/23/2014

Hiwatt DR-504 Custom 50 Head : -Livingroom-'s user review

«  Tried the combo version, a killer! »

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Amp 50w lamps, 4-band EQ, master volume + volume per channel (bright + normal).


Configuration is very simple, one technique is to link the two channels by a dedicated cable (double male on one end, female on the other), the sound is good anyway, however refining thereof is difficult (like all great amp), all the knobs interact, and master completely changes the sound of a good clean rock'n'roll crunch (I must say that the hp plays a lot on it).


For all the people who rock (from punk to enroll), it works well. Furthermore, it is pedal friendly. Just there to add a little delay / reverb, it adds a strat and shoo, we fly at Pink Floyd. With a Les paul, crunch up quickly, and it's right as it should be: round and bite at a time.

No, really original config (called an amp 1979 anyway!) Is excellent.


I used it for a week in residence, and I kept my marshall for my project. I tried a bunch of amps, and it still survives mass! After it has a price, but it is the quality that does it.