Hughes & Kettner Trilogy

Trilogy, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Hughes & Kettner in the Trilogy series.

Lochky 06/15/2006

Hughes & Kettner Trilogy : Lochky's user review


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All-tube amplifier with four 12AX7 preamp and 4 for the EL34 for power (100 watt, ca promises). In fact, before making this purchase I looked at the issue (we do not want to throw his money no matter how right?) And my research came out the main info that it is in fact virtually the same as that of electronic triamp but instead of the lamps for each preamp of Record (lamp crunch channel are used as channel crunch, those that lead the lead ...) and ben Trilogy uses the same lamps for different channels ... What difference does it make ... not much in sound but at the price ..... we gain very much! and then when you have a triamp it is nice but the day must be the 14 lamps Retube !!!!.......
cot connection ben standard input, loop attenuator of -10 dB (I think) outputs 1x4 ohms, ohms 1x16, 1x6 or 2x16ohms. switch comes with 4 buttons corny (clean, crunch, lead and ultra-lead) and I stop just to say that this switch, all the same, we recognize the German manufacture. is sober, there's 4 buttons ... but it's solid!! Not afraid to smash buttons kick too bold, but rather the foot that may have hurt. And to finish the connection, 2nd important thing in my opinion, an input jack for an additional switch that allows to initiate the loop or not, which was a critical one in the choice of my head. we want to engage in same 3 tps ds effects loop or cut at the same tps you spend on the lead .... switch the loop! ca con seems like that but for me it is very important, more practical than a bypass on a multi-purpose. And well it should be remembered that the loop engages is pert in quality of equalization.
Last point is a selling point at H & K: it already has in midi so that you can control via the rack effect at the same tps as the effects themselves, according to your presets, your settings, your MIDI foot controller. I personally know the possibilities but I've never tried one day I can be put to MIDI effects ....
Each channel has its own equalo, the lead channel has two selectable gains by the switch (or ultra lead) but use the same equalo (damage), the crunch channel possesses a boost (not selectable via pedal, re-injury) and clean function "sparkle" good at H & K but also not selectable by switch (re-re-injury). but these options may still be selected via noon, effects rack, cable, switch noon complications, scrambled, etc. headlock ... and then ben master for each channel, presence, master general, mix loop ...
9 / 10 because j'aurrais AIM to select ALL my peton and the equation for the two joint lead but still, I am very demanding and then there's still all about the head ... is a 3 channel amp 1 / 2 rather than 4 channels. And she is beautiful .....


Simple configuration, you plug the bazaar, we light: Wow! the glass, small blue small lights, all flashing .... we not finish the look. is allowed to heat lamps, remove the standby and everything is very intuitive ... knobs, regalges standards, it sounds live, then you have to go to refine the tps. Without being a mesa o button when a knob ca affect other, the interactivity of equalos is felt, but it goes a little tps find the first correct. A few glances on the switch and the loop effects for fans like me and just makes sense. Y a manual, although explicit rdig be very useful for "midistes" but if you look to be sure to know everything.


The sound!! ahhh, finally!
Should it my style? Yes, I use all channels and is a rgal.
clean: very clean, lime, nothing to envy to triamp, I find it almost better. function adds sparkle of polished slamming, it's wonderful.
Crunch: Creamy, we never tire of it with the grain H & K very pleasant, the added boost of gain, potato, dynamics.
Lead: british sound, I love, very powerful, very sharp and very clean, it does not bleed and if you like me enjoys the mtal very rugged and ben is the foot, it's a razor!
Ultra lead: more noise amricaine is warmer, ca snore more, a little less accurate but I think it depends mostly of micro scratches, and it's still the razor as the precedent, then matter of taste. I personally find both EXCELLENT!
eventually lead equalo common to both is not so disturbing as that because I fall on the same settings for both (coincidentally).
As I said I made the head and this ensures mtal as not possible. I like the grain H & K, not enough known to me. the cleans are beautiful, the monstrous lead. Then there is the head of bp bcp is a lamp that at least up to a quarter volume for the sound ideal, good compression lamps etc ... And also about power, do not make me laugh with 120 or 150 "watt lamp", it is 100 watts and I've never pushed a least 5 more: very very powerful!


I use it for a year, I wanted to wait long before making this opinion to weigh what I write. I like its versatility, its sounds, its power, its mouth and the fact that it is "complete". In concert, in the semi-darkness you can not see it! solidity of the sound design! I doubted a little momment APRS have purchased on its sound, so it was really what I wanted etc. But at the time I was playing on a baffle means. I have since acquired a 4xV30 of ENGL (remain German, the solid foolproof) and the difference was clear, it is a magical speaker. Since I'm on the ass every time I play it .... Before buying it I looked and tried bcp model but this one came out of the lot for all CHARACTERISTICS cites ... And I hide it not suited to my hair cell-budget report qualitprix monstrous.
This choice I would do 100% if I came back one year back. Then maybe my tastes will change eventually but for now I'm in love ...