Kustom Defender 5H
Kustom Defender 5H

Defender 5H, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Kustom in the Defender series.

Teurastaja 01/01/2011

Kustom Defender 5H : Teurastaja's user review

«  Small but tough »

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All-tube amp (12AX7 preamp and EL84 in power), 5W, volume control, an outlet for the speaker and an input for the snowplow.
Ah, there's also an on / off switch.

10/10, there's no longer as simple amp, and the finish is impeccable


Okay, well with just a volume control it will be difficult not knowing how to use the amp ...


So there ...
Well I was rather surprised.
5W for me was synonymous with small volume, easy to make cruncher at reasonable volume for an apartment with neighbors little understanding.
I was far from the truth, the Braille Box brat!
I am forced to play with a maximum volume on it so hard.

Aside from that little detail of volume, the sound is really good: round, quite low, acute non-aggressive, just happiness.

I use a mex tele and Spector (humbuckers), the character of each guitar is respected.

It cash although the effects (distos, chorus, flanger, whammy among others)

I take off one point for this volume of history, ultimately it's frustrating to not be able to do cruncher without becoming deaf.

FYI, I use it with the baffle Defender HP Kustom 12 '


I use it for over a month, this is my first amp lamp, but I tried a packet (from Laney, Peavey, Fender's, ...)
I love her look, the side plug and play sound.
In addition it is not too expensive (approximately 200 euros for the whole head-cabinet), who could ask for more?