Kustom Defender 5H
Kustom Defender 5H

Defender 5H, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Kustom in the Defender series.

SlapKid 01/13/2012

Kustom Defender 5H : SlapKid's user review

«  pole position and holeshot! »

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I bought a pedal shockwave 2-3 months ago, to see. Aim of the operation: play as straight, no effects or anything, to change the wireless MIDI bazaar crazy (even if you are already a little shaken the cap).

Intended use: home, so not much bicoz neighbors, speaker bass reflex fades sovereign 6 inches (stunning realism and spatial).

So I took a lamp automatically 12AY7 for more clarity and especially more progressive in the volume.

First point, zero noise, that's great. F. .. M. .. B. .., M. .. can go to .... with their constant noise in Roros miles past!


Is less simple to order a McDonald's ...
Kustom This is great, a volume that is all. 3 hp output and even when a button is off.

The head is small, light and very well built, it is a treat to position and we see the EL84 blush when playing scantily clad!


This is where my mind is limited, I have so far played only on a volume.
I have to saturate the shockwave, and the amp gets along very well with. Given the lack of EQ kustom VT999 my home Bebert sounds nicer though.

I was surprised by the sound of kustom as not constipated duck stuck in the mediums without serious acute or real as my late junior BUGERA valve v5, but with full bass and midrange is well tidy.
The impression he is bigger than the other is immediate, he has lung koa.

course is ideal for hosting a few pedals, any spell well and with aplomb.
The overall color is rather dark hair, and stocky. Finally, on my box.


He is the head of the class, as you say that a uppercut F. .. Vibro Champ XD orbit, for example.

I did not even want to push it through to see my hot plate, as I like it as is. In any case it would not be practical in two (clean, distortion-delay if necessary), and the valve junior was horrible in this case so no hurry to retry the coup ...

With the original 12AX7 and a conventional 12-inch box you will not play long in an apartment before the constabulary at your door, guaranteed!

3 years guaranteed 89 euros, I think more and more strongly that the world is crazy ...