Marshall 1987X [2002-Current]
Marshall 1987X [2002-Current]

1987X [2002-Current], Tube Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the Vintage series.

JiPiM 02/02/2005

Marshall 1987X [2002-Current] : JiPiM's user review


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All lamps: 3 x 12AX7 and 2 x in pramp EL34 power so about 50W.

Two channels: Normal & High Treeble.

Two inputs per channel: High & Low.

Possibility to bridge the two channels in order to assay the treble (High Treeble) and "crmeux" (Normal) in a single sound (the sound? Oh no, it was as they say APRS ...).

Rglages: Presence / Bass / Medium / Treeble + 1 volume per channel.

Various: Switch ON / OFF, Stand By, Slecteur of impdance (4/8/16), 2 HP ...


Nothing is easier rgler is an amp plug 'n play ... Scraper -> Input High I -> The sound of the old Marshall (Hendrix, Clapton ...)


The crunch is natural Obviously dlicieux (more you push, the more good ...).

The cleans obtained by playing with the volume of the guitar (of course) are also pretty trs but it's not Fender, it's clean but a bit dirty so hot ... Note that the receiver will, of course, cruncher more or less quickly depending on the microphone so the sound is utiliss bcp longer clean with a Start with an LP (which is very useful for certain songs).

A Booster Treeble the inside and the sound palette obtained (trs of clean hot Plexi screaming while going through a crunch crmeux) is a paradise for lovers of Blues / Rock / Hard Rock 60's / 70's.

Note also that this kind of amp is perfect with all good pedals (I use or used with Reverb EH Holy Grail, Carl Martin Crunch Drive, Xotic RC Booster, Boss OD1, Boss OS2, Vox Wah, BudWah +. ..)

I play in groups of Led Zep, Clapton, Doors, Who, Beatles, Hendrix ... with Gibson LP, Start J. Nash Relic Stratocaster and Beck on 4x12 and quips in G12M25 G12H30. This head is, I got the head idalie in the register and power of 50W cruncher can do it without becoming too dull with a 100W.

However, to fully enjoy this crunch, I opt for a kit that allows KT50 to replace the EL34 EL84 therefore pass through the power of about 50W 20W. The EL84's give a slightly more fat and crmeux, try it!


I use it for 6 months. Unusable in an apartment with neighbors incomprhensifs I hte every week to be in BPS to take this head.

The -: too powerful
The +: the ease of use, sound, sound, sound ...

I tried these heads before buying this 1987: JTM45 (nice but I prfre the EL34 to 6L6), Marshall 30th Anniversary (I would have thought a play if I had JCM2000 blindfolded), JCM2000 TSL ... and I do not really regret this choice.