Marshall 1992 JMP Super Bass [1967-1981]
Marshall 1992 JMP Super Bass [1967-1981]

1992 JMP Super Bass [1967-1981], Tube Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the JMP series.

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MaxxWam 10/15/2009

Marshall 1992 JMP Super Bass [1967-1981] : MaxxWam's user review


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It's a head lamps amplifier, 4 power (EL34) and 3 pre-amp (12AX7). These are the same lamps as the models Superlead and 1959 SLP. This model was manufactured from 1966 t 1980. In 1976, the aesthetic has reviewed and t in 1980, cda its place JCM 800 Bass Series. The power is 100 Watts, but then a true 100W amp lamps. The Connectors are between 2 spars channels and for each channel, Hi and Low sincerely .... but there are no differences between Verily to input 4 which are unlike a Superlead possde Hi Treble and Normal channel, the Superbass has 2 identical channels Normal Volume 1 and Volume 2. exit, 2 speaker outputs 1/4. There are no effects, no loop for not more effects, Presence, Bass, Middle, Treble, Volume 1 and Volume 2. a point that's all ... Oh yes, there is the s impdence reader has the rear which we must be careful not to lose it. This is a PRVU amp for bass guitar, but is used by mostly guitar. Especially since technology evolves with more rcents transistors amps.


The configuration is very simple (see previous paragraph). The sound ..... oh yes .... Marshall .... Is that clear enough? For a bass guitar, the amp is rather 'mid-range' 'but the presence is standard and the awesome power ... with volume 1 is optimal sound dj, the Volume 2, all tremble around you for a great room ... but we think 5 cel takes very efficient speakers. For the guitar is essentially a Superlead or a 1959 SLP, but without the Hi-treble channel .... we have the Marshall sound, but with a little more crunch, but a little less possibility of adjustment ... but also a power curve that rises less rapidly.


I play mostly hard rock 1970-80-90 .. it works well this style, but it should all genres.


I have in my possession since 1986, but I have not used 1998 2004. I had a few problems during this period the electronic or not less than 5 technicians pass s above .. to finally have found a who remont me ... it's a new amplifier must be manipulated with care (besides it is very heavy with 2 large transformers) should not be placed on a sound box that vibrates a lot (no prob with the guitars with a.). I use little Introduced, but I have in my possession a pice collection found less today (the pieces as hh!) .. . The things I dplore are: its significant weight, fragilitainsi the rarity technicians able to do service .. most are: His presence and standard power, its look, its rarity (collection). For the guitar ... this amp is considr if you like the sound typical for low ... Marshall, we did better today.