Marshall 2100 SL-X JCM900 Master Volume [1993-1999]
Marshall 2100 SL-X JCM900 Master Volume [1993-1999]

2100 SL-X JCM900 Master Volume [1993-1999], Tube Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the JCM900 SL-X series.

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Aleks Tsb 11/01/2007

Marshall 2100 SL-X JCM900 Master Volume [1993-1999] : Aleks Tsb's user review


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Good veiled the head Marshall jcm 900 sl-x 2100

- Head lamp while
- 100w (the heavy) or 50 W
- 2 HP 4 outputs 8 and 16 ohms
- Output "direct"
- Effects loop
- Presence, bass, middle, trebble, 2 volumes (switchable, useless my taste), and volume and preamp gain (basically a deuxiemme gain)

it lacks a little reverb, it's a shame, and my knobs a little crachottent


Not have to look you can find three sounds on this amp in 5 minutes, you just use the knobs.

- A fairly clean filthy limit crunchy super hot! (I plug my Shredmaster and ecstasy)
- A very pleasant crunch (with a good OD does!)
- A saturation type Hard 80 (Motley Crue, Wasp, Ozzy here I am!)

I use it plugged into a Peavey VK 412 cabinet (that is already in the butcher shop) next week pending the arrival of Marshall 1960 will give a! (I edit the post after his arrival)


I play on a Gibson Flying V with Seymour Duncan SH4, and I understand why combinason Gibson / Marshall is a classic, sounding a death.
I play Hard 80 ', the Heavy, the Trash and even the grunge of Alice In Chains and Soundgarden and I am conquered by this amp wonderful!
I sound pretty close to the head with Slash (relatively confused XD)
This is an amp very nervous, it's not lace, love has!


I have long wanted a very JCM800 and a 900, I was very fortunate to come upon it in the store, he begins parrait be rare. Jou have a lot of time on a Peavey VK112 VK412 +, whether there lights in the VK, I spend a cold and dry his big sound hot!
I can finally m'ammuser, I think investing in an MXR Zakk Wylde OD to swell even my sound.

Of course I would do this choice, why not even take me one day with 3 other speakers deuxiemme 1960 and make me a wall in my Piola, or in small pubs niois