Marshall 2203 JCM800 Reissue
Marshall 2203 JCM800 Reissue

2203 JCM800 Reissue, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the Vintage series.

iamqman 11/15/2011

Marshall 2203 JCM800 Reissue : iamqman's user review

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I have owned 3 of these over the years. I let them go and then I come back to them. I always come back to them. The quintessential rock n roll amp if there ever was one. This amp has been featured on countless records over the years from anyone and everyone. Granted most of them have been hot rodded up but that it the fun of it too. These amps are so great when you get them to an amp guru who can add a little muscle to the amp. Or keep it unmodified and get a classic hard rock tone.

The attack is snappy and quick. There is only 6 knobs so its not to hard to figure out. But you have to have the gain on 10.



4 EL34s in the power stage
3 ECC83s in the preamp
True bypass series FX loop
3-band EQ
Presence control


It is a great rock tone that can be bland but cranked it gets sweet. There is a very warm tone from this amp when paired with the right speaker and cab. But if you don't want to shell out $700 to get it modified then slap a Boss Sd-1 in front of it and you'll get some killer hard rock tones. If you want to get this thing sizzeling then you need to throw a pedal in front of it preferably a clean boost pedal with just a hint of gain was all that I needed.

I had a Wolfgang style guitar and an Boss SD-1 in front with just a hit of gain but the level all the way up going in to a vintage Marshall 4x12 with Blackbacks and a another 4x12 with GT75's. It was a gain experience! I needed a noise gate because this thing was cranking some noise.


At new you can pick these amps up for right at around $2300. That is a bit of a hefty price for a single channel amp. I suggest going with a used one fro right around $850 or so. I have even score for for right at $650. The newer reissues will fetch a higher check but no more than $1100 for a used one of these. If someone is asking for more just reminds them in a few weeks when they don't sell it that you will take it for around $1000 at a favor to them.