Marshall 2203 JMP Master Volume Lead [1975-1981]
Marshall 2203 JMP Master Volume Lead [1975-1981]

2203 JMP Master Volume Lead [1975-1981], Tube Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the JMP series.

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Begueloune 09/09/2006

Marshall 2203 JMP Master Volume Lead [1975-1981] : Begueloune's user review


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I would be short I do not have this amp is that of my roommate ... ^^
I know this is a 100W lamps there are two output levels to play casually in his room (even if I concde you is more for the sc only)
the settings are all that is becoming ordinare in MATIRE amp Lamps of age even if my taste the response of the EQ is pretty weak ... it says it is a Marshall ... but it has the mouth and believe me, he yells !!!


The config is simple AC is plug & play and tan better! the sound is rock and another recess typ derivs not asking too much disto.Cela said, the one I tried did not go out as much distortion as the lamps rather rotten, we must say! after changing these bulbs con I ask a ressayage !!!!! we still even sound that can not Avoie on a Marshall worthy of the name, and that, it is magic !dropoff window


I play ACDC galore and a little more alternative rock or punk bcp but I like this sound and it should not hurt my type of music (coupled to a distortion pedal or metal ca lot clears) ! The sound is all the same rather garish and too shrill at times but it's even pretty cool


What I like least ... the pirx ... ^^ what I like most is the charism can possder what kind of amp there is one thing to say it's tough we not care about us! I know it's amp is not me but I think the new home sries Marshall polivalentes be more and better finished (I speak from a point view gadgets and appearance)