Marshall 2203 JMP Master Volume Lead [1975-1981]
Marshall 2203 JMP Master Volume Lead [1975-1981]

2203 JMP Master Volume Lead [1975-1981], Tube Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the JMP series.

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MGR/Steven 12/20/2003

Marshall 2203 JMP Master Volume Lead [1975-1981] : MGR/Steven's user review

"Marshall JMP mkII 50 watt combo"

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I purchased this amplifier used at Rebel Music in Oxford, MS. I had a 100 watt solid state Yamaha and wanted a tube amp. I got lucky and found this amp while looking at Traynors. It is probably from the mid to late seventies and has high/low inputs and a master volume control.

The tone, even though it does not have many features, the one thing this amp has that many new production amps do not have is great tone. If you put rat distortion in front of it you have Angus and Slash at your disposal. I only use the low channel because it is even loud enough to go unmiked at small clubs. The one thing that really helped this amp are the tubes. I have installed all Electro-Harmonix tubes and it makes a huge difference from the sovteks that were in there. This amp is a great find and if you see one, get it.

There is only two things wrong with this amp, the weight and the volume. Every good tube amp worth its salt is heavy so I can't really complain, but it is a pain to get it on stage. This amp is also intensely loud. the high input can get the cops at your house in less that 5 minutes. Even though the volume is good, it still can be a bit excessive.

It is an old Marshall, I have dropped it a couple of times after a long night and it does just fine. Except for a speaker wire becoming unattached, there has been no problems with this amp.

These are great amps and I like the combo because it involves less to lug around. The sound is great and it only cost me $400 and maybe about an extra $200 to undo some sloppy mods and to get it fitted and rebiase with some new tubes. I highly recommend these amps.

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