Marshall 2205 JCM800 Split Channel Reverb [1982-1989]
Marshall 2205 JCM800 Split Channel Reverb [1982-1989]

2205 JCM800 Split Channel Reverb [1982-1989], Tube Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the JCM800 series.

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Herve v.63 06/29/2004

Marshall 2205 JCM800 Split Channel Reverb [1982-1989] : Herve v.63's user review


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50 watt all-tube amp ECC 5 2 83 + EL 34.Cette REPRESENTATIVES head at the high end with the Marshall 2210 amp that was 100 watts.Cet possde two channels: one for clean sounds and dvolu crunch ( 1 1volume treble bass 1) 1 for heavy distortion and super saturated (1 1 treble middle bass 1 1 1master gain). Common to a 2 channel reverb prsence 1 1 master volume.
One comes into faade; the rear we find a loop effect a direct output with its volume SETTING THE 2 HP for making a footswitch (channel change).


2 footswitchable channels, the simple rglages with corrections of a very limited effectiveness (as so often in Marshall). Still no doubt is the sound.


BIG ROCK SOUND. This gives all kinds of saturation that we want to channel 2 with 2 SETTING THE + master gain volume. The channel 2 is really the strong point of this amp. Despite all the channel 1 crunch dlivre clear sound remains good especially if you open the volume. Branche in a cabinet Marshall (1936 2 x 12 ") the sound is big, round bass with good Submitted and slamming, the sound is punchy trs


J bought this amp new in 1985 lpoque "I had a speaker 4 x 12" (1960 A) now requires back I have a baffle 1936.Le sound is still as big especially with a Les Paul the sound is HUGE. All sounds on this amp the stratos, the tls, that is a really great amp.