Marshall 4100 JCM900 Dual Reverb [1990-1999] [2003 - ? ]
Marshall 4100 JCM900 Dual Reverb [1990-1999] [2003 - ? ]

4100 JCM900 Dual Reverb [1990-1999] [2003 - ? ], Tube Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the JCM900 series.

tiep 01/12/2005

Marshall 4100 JCM900 Dual Reverb [1990-1999] [2003 - ? ] : tiep's user review


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Everything has been said ...


Using relatively simple
just a little tampering, come for all amps of this kind


This is where we fall into hell ..
I remember when I started the guitar 10 years ago, and dreamed of before this monster (such waaahhh, Quan I have the dough, I'll buy a JCM 900 ...)
Ben and after playing it, it falls very low very quickly ...
that mean?
At first I thought I could not fix it ...
Actually, no, the sound is really crap, but like really shit
The sound is not clean, it's not versatile, and at least play the grunge garage with a distortion pedal dod grunge home (that is, if we seek a sound filthy), I consider this amp as unnecessary
the only way to make it sound, c him hook up a preamp in the loop, and there, depending on the quality of the preamp, it rocks well
basically, I used this amp mostly for its power section
it can be very interesting, if you have a good preamp, otherwise it is useless
So, I put four because my preamp sounded good in the power section


I think I've said it all ...
it can be a good plan for a OCCAZ cheap if there are connecting a preamp ..
Too bad, it looks pretty class
In fact, it must be put in a corner as a convenient and does not connect ..