Marshall DSL100
Marshall DSL100

DSL100, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the JCM2000 DSL series.

MGR/The Mr Chris Sven 11/01/2005

Marshall DSL100 : MGR/The Mr Chris Sven's user review

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Been playing in and out of bands for 15 years (wow that long!) mainly metal from Iron maiden to Joe Satriani.

Off e-bay, I bought two, most expensive was £350, needed a few minor repairs (carry handle, tolex, 1 cap blown)

Outstanding warm clean channel, 1st stage overdrive is amazing, the harmonics just reach out at every opportunity, pinched harmonics are almost too easy now, you can over-do it!

Not much really, would be nice if it had a 50/100 watt selector for home use.

Superb, everything is on individual PCBs which simply unplug so you can solder new components if you know what you are doing 9I worked it out with a cheap multimeter, its not rocket science here!), even the PCBs are cheap direct from Marshall, the main one that hold all the valves is only £74 + VAT @ 17.5%. Oh and you can easily swap valves to get you own custom sound, without breaking the bank!

Great amp head, goes one step further than a JCM900 but to be honest I don't have much use for the extra gain over the JCM900 s the extra distortion means you loose some of the intonation of your guitar, (and yes I do play thrash and crave deep distortion), its an amazing piece of kit, well put together and puts out enough volume for any venue.. do what I did, get 2 and run them in stereo off Boss chorus and delay pedels.. it'll blow you away!

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