Marshall JVM410H
Marshall JVM410H

JVM410H, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the JVM4 series.

Audiofanzine FR 11/03/2008

Marshall JVM410H : Audiofanzine FR's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
(Originally written by rockboy51/translated from Audiofanzine FR)

All-tube amp head (5 ECC83, 4 EL34)
Output power: 100 watts
4 channels: clean, crunch, od1, od2
3 modes per channel: green, orange, red
Quality digital reverb
2 master volume controls
FX loop


First of all, I use it mainly with a Les Paul but also occasionally with a Stratocaster, a Telecaster and a Jackson.

Like all tube amps, it must be pre-heated some minutes before you can actually start playing (you have to use the standby switch for this). The head seems rather complex but it is simple and practical in its use.

The amp offers 12 different sounds (each of the 4 channels has 3 gain modes), which allows me to always find the sound I want.

I also like the amp's memory function. The included footswitch has 6 switches (labeled 1 to 6) and control LEDs (very convenient). This allows you to program the footswitch the way you see fit. For example, I assigned the switches as follows: 1 = clean channel, 2 = crunch channel, 3 = OD1 channel, 4 = OD2 channel, 5 = toggles between volume 1 and 2 (convenient to boost a solo) and 6 = reverb on/off for the active channel.
Each channel configuration is stored in the amp. For example, if I'm using the clean channel in orange mode, with the reverb on, master volume 1, FX loop on, and I switch to the OD1 channel in red mode and master volume 2, I can always go back to the clean channel and find it exactly as I described it above. And it's the same if I recall the OD1 channel again.


Now let's talk about the sound possibilities...

I play mainly rock but I like to add thrash and pop elements to my playing. This amp offers me all the sounds I need.

I'll start with channel 1:
Green: Very simple clean sound, there's nothing to say about it.
Orange: Warmer sound with a bit more gain. When I use this mode I also activate a Boss Chorus CH-1 that I connect to the FX loop. This gives me a very rich Guns 'n' Roses sound (think Paradise City, Don't Cry, etc.).
Red: This mode has more gain. It can even produce a slight distortion.

Crunch channel:
I love this channel. Every mode (from green to red) increases a bit the distortion.

OD1 channel (overdrive 1):
This channel's green mode produces nearly the same result as the the red crunch mode. The orange mode produces a deeper distortion and it is very good to play rock and hard rock. The red mode is pretty much like the orange but with more distortion. It sounds like a high-gain Marshall.

The OD2 channel (overdrive 2) has the same design as the OD1 channel but with more distortion so that you easily get thrash metal sounds.

The master section allows to set the sound resonance and presence. Very convenient.

The 4 channels allow you to have different EQ settings to fine-tune certain sounds. This amp head provides me all the sounds I need and it has a warm and brilliant overall sound...


I just want to say: congratulations Marshall!!!

I've been using this amp for 2 months. It's my first all-tube amp and I'm thrilled. It's a killer amp!

My only critique would be that given that it's an all-tube head, it is very heavy and the stairs at my place are very steep.

I find it has a good value for money and wouldn't hesitate to buy it again.