Mesa Boogie Caliber 50+ Head
Mesa Boogie Caliber 50+ Head

Caliber 50+ Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Mesa Boogie in the Caliber series.

iamqman 08/11/2011

Mesa Boogie Caliber 50+ Head : iamqman's user review

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Mesa Boogie is one of those companies as continue to build high quality amplifiers that have stood up the test of time and the rigorous touring schedules a professional musicians. They build high quality amps they can take a beating night after night it's gigging. This is an amp that is a 50 watt amp that is a sliver off the old mark series amplifiers by Mesa boogie.

These amps have been discontinued for a while but still hold an incredible value on the used market. This amplifier features a five band graphic equalizer in addition to its wide range of clean and overdriven sounds. This amplifier has two channels with a simple foot switch jump from channel to channel.


If you like the sound of the Mark series 3 or 5 amplifiers then you will like the tone of this amplifier. The voicing of these amplifiers lean more towards the mark iv than any other amplifier in the Mesa boogie series.


This amplifier sounds best with the Celestion C 90 speakers and a 4 12 inch cabinet speaker. Even though it's only 50 watts of power this amplifier still packs a huge total response. The distortion is thick and chunky and you can get a good solid rhythm and lead tone from it. This amp is packed with 6l6 power tubes which give you a good solid top and bottom frequency tone. I find that the 6l6 power tubes allow you to get a tight bottom and to the tone as well as a fast crisp high end. These tunes will Suffer more in the mid range frequencies than with an EL 34 power tube. El 34 power tubes give you a much tighter mid range crunch and will break up quicker than the 6l6 power tubes will.


These amps hold quite their value even though they have been discontinued for many years. You can find these amplifiers for right around $600 on the use market and in the classifieds. I would highly recommend this amplifier if you looking for inexpensive high-quality high sounding Mesa boogie Mark series amplifier. You know it's only 50 watts, but it still packs a good punch with a solid clean and distortion tone.