Mesa Boogie DC-5 Head
Mesa Boogie DC-5 Head

DC-5 Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Mesa Boogie in the Dual Caliber series.

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e-axe le vieux 10/05/2003

Mesa Boogie DC-5 Head : e-axe le vieux's user review


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I have the Combo version of the DC5. The series of Dual Caliber (DC) is no longer in the catalog Mesa, which is a shame because c'tait good stuff.

Pramplificateur 12AX7 + 2 x 6L6 amplifier lamps (50W).
The Watts are the trs is powerful.
- Front Panel: 1 between guitar, from a footswitch (included)
- Rear panel: effect loop (send + return) mix with wet / dry. 1 x HP supplmentaire

Two channels completely indpendants (rhythm, lead) with all the same rglages:
- Gain, treble, mdiums, bass, volume, prsence, reverb.

For both channels:
- A 5-band EQ (see below)
- A master gnral

A switch allows you to use or not EQ: trs big influence SETTING THE tone or EQ on the sound.
A push / pull button rhythm channel gain can boost the sound on that channel: effect guaranteed.
The footswitch has two switches (clean / rhythm and EQ / no EQ)

Speaker Mesa (12'').
Construction trs consquent solid weight (> 30 kg). Careful kidneys, prvoir smoothly.


The setup is relatively simple (two channels), but with the little extras:
- Boost the clean channel
- Start or not to EQ.

We need to focus its trs rglages frequency drives: they have an influence on the standard and its saturation (h yes ...). I do not know if it's a gnralit Mesa amps, but the little doc that comes with the trs bte is clear that. In addition, a very well defined.
The use of EQ or not (possible footswitch) is so influential on the sound that was almost a case of three channels.

Because of these possibilities particulires the rglage dlicat and may be less intuitive than some competitors.


The clean sounds are clear, it looks like the Fender.
The distorted sounds are such that the Mesa is waiting, I can not compare with a Mark IV or Rectifier (I never jou on Rectifier). The DC seems more civilians but may be to do with the style of music I play.

Start with the clean sounds are cut for the blues: it's right, but if you want to tweak a little, has no twists problem. With a Gibson LP, but is also possible: jazz, blues, everything.
In Lead, a range from almost no saturated saturation Mesa, but not extreme, finally, I think. However, I think that Metal is possible the above but it is not my thing, never did.


My first real amp lamps true, I m'tais pleasure: the pleasure is always after a half-dozen years. I do not regret my purchase, and I had tried era amps (of known and unknown as well), c'tait one on which I had the flash (h las for my wallet ("/> (" />).

The only real problem is that the DC-5 needs to speak volumes: low, the sound is still a little deaf in Lead (my apartment problem: on a scale of 1 10 I play with volumes and a Master 1.5 !!!). Now, everyone knows, lamps, need a heater to sing: it must stir the bowl 12''. And it is far too powerful for home use: low noise, the sound is not saturated height.
For cons, the time o I could push a little, a fuse, agmit is good (note, I have not t flight: the seller had good pr he had come potato)

The verdict:
Fall clean sounds: attention addiction, you get used to quickly plbiens quality we are.
Saturated to play: you have to play with the volume, otherwise dcevant.
In any case, try the SETTING THE littralement frequencies and to sculpt the sound to have fun.
I use it with effect before the pre-amp or in the loop (best). I saturations of pdalier Digitech for big sound, was going well together.

Two BIG problem remains: the weight ("/> (" />, the price (Mesa, it's expensive ("/> (" />).

The conclusion: advice for anyone who can play hard and have a banker accommodating.

Addendum 05/10/2003
I rsolu my problem of low volume noise Lead! => I play harder, and fuck the neighbors!

2nd Addendum
Notice that the notes are not for obvious they mean anything from a total of 10.
The 10/10, I leave a Marshall Valvestate fans!