Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier 3 Channels Head
Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier 3 Channels Head

Dual Rectifier 3 Channels Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Mesa Boogie in the Dual Rectifier series.

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machefer 07/30/2005

Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier 3 Channels Head : machefer's user review


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Good, good, good ...
we go for the big one ...
three channels, 20 pots (plus 5 in rear facing)
eight in all modes (channel 1: clean / Pushed Channel 2: raw / vintage / modern channel 3: raw / vintage / modern)
eleven lights in all (five 12AX7, four 6L6, two grinders)
100w power
an effects loop with send and return SETTING THE, assignable footswitch either alone or one of the three channels (the footswitch dclenchable and the other two), or bypassing
a variac (slecteur spongy / bold) to the supply voltage rduire
slecteur of a bias 6L6/EL34
slecteur a correct fashion (lamps / LEDs)
between a guitar
5 hp output (16 ohms / 8 ohms / 8 ohms / 4 ohms / 4 ohms)
sotie a slave out (+ knob volume)
5 output jack for an external switch
a master channel and a master gnral
a boost for solos with SETTING THE level facade
pdalier a 5 switches: 1/2/3 channel, solo, fx loop
PSE 22 kg it is beautiful and fasting as a truck volbr /> is fairly complete as a?


If you have read the paragraph you dj Previous realized that no, the configuration is not forcment simple ... but luckily the manual (in English) is very well done
one connects the switch (fourni. ..) and guitar and start (...) rgler the bte:
the effects loop, will is assignable to configure without problem beginners but requires attention and the usual dosage when to "send" and "return" with the ad-pots hoc, because according to the rglage dynamics significantly change the amp!
for rglage channels, we choose the mode and it RULES throughout the Manir prconise by Mr. Mesa, otherwise it's a mess ...
Indeed, not only each SETTING THE knob channel is extremely powerful and sensitive, but it also influences directly on the pots of rglage following Drout is enough to beginners but eventually well get used to it
if you change the mode of a channel, all rglage the channel is again (good luck ...)
as well tell you that your rgler Recto will need to have a good time ... but it will reward you a hundredfold by both sonoritsdlivres this amp are as many as thunderous!


Come on, let's go ...
First we must know that the front is not known to associate with the hardware means:
guitar or speakers or multi effects "small bills" do not sound with this head!
Then, the grain of every guitar you plug into it will be perfectly respect ...
Finally, plug it into a cabinet and give him Rectifier good cables to make him happy ...

the red channel:
ddi mode "modern" is the saturated channel par excellence
prsence the modes "raw" and "vintage" on this channel has a low intrt my opinion (although their respective sounds are impeccable) ... but ... .
on "modern" sounds are powerful and deep, with a large dynamic trs attack;
Mesa grain is much lower with the Submitted, mdiums of crying so that's good, and treble ACRS without twisting the eardrums
gnralement committed the error is too qualisation rgler the V, which has the effect of the crasis mdiums rduire and the perception of the dynamics of the amp. .. leave a good deal of mdiums and savagery of the front will put you on your knees!

Channel orange:
ddi in vintage fashion, the channel saturation "classic"
"Raw" is the mode that produces the saturation the sweetest and most shades
"Vintage" start sending trssrieusement the sauce with a marked increase in the dynamic
"Modern" mode is the hardest, as the red channel, but with a DIFFERENT SETTING THE prsence latter

the green channel:
optimized for the clean mode, it produces sounds ranging from clean to crunch much pure trs nervbr /> many users dislike Recto said that channel, sounds pretty clean as they say bland
it's not my opinion: clean of the Recto is extremely versatile (like the two other channels for that matter!) and by rglage, moving from a cold and its brilliant sound and very hot s dynamic, the whole constituting a basis for exellente be working with effects!
"Pushed" produced a great effect of the crunch ...

the spongy variac / bold acts on the grain-General for giving the amp a more vintage and more "hot" on spongy and more nervous and more "edge" in bold

grinding tube gives her a less aggressive and less "tense" after the rectification diodes is expressed throughout the head of this agressivit


No need to kid ourselves:
Recto is the typical rock trs is even his favorite playground!
but in its raw Paisse outside hides a versatile amp trs trs possdant a wide range of sounds clean, crunch and saturated, all extremely enjoyable and usable
confine this amp in the register of mtal or large rock would be a mistake ...
Remember the key word with this plant gas is patience ...
and it takes patience to learn but once the rgler hand made is happiness guaranteed!

Note also:
low volume the sound is good rev, but there is the use that the more one pushes the master and the bte birth of a dynamic and impressive one bite;
12 pass on the master volume, sensations become simply phnomnales rvle Recto and all its savagery and its dynamics ... hard to go dark when the ct is taste!
oh yes! a little advice: when a rglage please, rate it, you have to eat your Vitera the c # @!'re so by mgarde you had lost ...
in terms of price, 2400 euros for three channels of 100w, I think there is too much to complain Contents ... right?