Jimmy Chaos 02/09/2009

Mesa Boogie Road King II Head : Jimmy Chaos's user review


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The Road King is part of Series 2 Series Dual Rectifier Mesa Boogie in a revolution for the High Gain. It's a real little jewel. Power amplifiers and speakers assignable 12 patterns in 4 independent channels ... a monster!

This amp head has 5 assignable power amps (back of the head), with a total of 6 lamps:
For amplification of 50W: 2x6L6 or 2xEL34
For a 100W amplifier: 4x6L6 or 2x6L6 + 2xEL34
For a 120W amplifier, total lamp (4x6L6 2xEL34 +)

Lamps pre-amplification: 5x12AX7
Lamps rectifier: 2x5U4

Total lights in the Beast: 13!

It has 4 independent channels, gain settings, EQ and presence are on the front. In each channel, there is a choice between three different modes:
Channel 1: Clean, Fat or Tweed
Channel 2: Clean, Fat or Brit
Channel 3 and 4: Raw, Vintage High Gain or Modern High Gain

Total patterns: 12!

Each channel has a reverb effect, adjustable rear.
There is next to a selector Rectifier (diode or lamp silicones).
Two effects loops / O Jack (Loop1 and Loop2).
Selector "Variac" Bold / Spongy.
Selector Pentode / Triode for EL34.
Slave output with level control.

There was also a selector speaker output (A, B or A + B).
This switch is useful if you have the speakers that come with specially designed for this series, namely the Road King 2x12 4x12''and''. The speakers on the left (A) actually have a vintage sound, and those on the right (B) a modern sound.

We have two main outputs and Master Solo, thereby giving a boost ... the volume for solos.

To manage all these people, there is in addition to the "KingKontroller," which is a foot controller to 9 buttons (Channel 1, Channel 2, Channel 3, Channel 4, external trigger (External Trigger), Reverb, Loop of effects 1, effects loop 2, and Solo).

Sun & Weight: 25.5 Kgs, 265 x 705 x 295 mm.


The configuration is not so simple at first glance, because many of these settings as lights, speakers. But you get used to it quickly!
One could spend years to address this monster with all its possibilities.
It is clear that the Road King is primarily used in concert, the use of this head has good power to tear ours again (at least it off the eardrum ).
It's still nice to set the amp to 50W.




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