Mesa Boogie Roadster Head
Mesa Boogie Roadster Head

Roadster Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Mesa Boogie in the Roadster series.

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yoTrakkz 10/17/2011

Mesa Boogie Roadster Head : yoTrakkz's user review

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This amp is everything I had hoped for and more. I play in a cover band and we cover everything from CCR to Slipknot. I need an amp that could cover this range of music and provide inspiration when working on original material. The Dual Rectifier Roadster does not disappoint.

I use this amp with a couple of Fender American Deluxe HSS model strats. The cleans range from sparkling pristine to fat and warm. I absolutely love the brit mode in channel two. It's great for AC/DC and other classic rock tones. The amp has the Dual Rectifier sound in channel 3 but don't think that this is all the amp can do. This is the most versatile amp I have used and I have tried a lot of different amps before this one.


Aside from the awesome tone, the thing I love about this amp (and Mesa Boogie in general) is the attention to detail that has been put into it. The amp comes with a 30' footswitch cable. Never again will I have to set up right on top of the amp because the cable is too short. The amp also comes with a cover and is built like a tank.


The clean channel blows my mind. I like playing Jazz from time to time and the clean channel can dial up some amazing rich warm tones as well as bright cutting Fender chime.


This is the last amp I'll ever need. It's like 4 amps in 1 and love the reverb with it too. It has all the gain you could ever need. After a 5 month "quest for tone" going out, trying other guys junk, waiting till someone is done showing off at crowded stores, buying a JCM900 SL-X and putting $300 into it and NOT liking the tone, I talked with my touring buddy who was selling his beloved Roadster to upgrade to a Mark V.