Orange Dark Terror
Orange Dark Terror

Dark Terror, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Orange in the Terror series.

Val_St4 08/14/2012

Orange Dark Terror : Val_St4's user review


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This is an amplification tube. A small switch selects the power (15 watts or 7).
To summarize the connections, we can say "plug and play". It's pretty much it.
Level settings and effects etc, it's still basic, the direct. A volume knob and a gain of a shape.


The use is probably the main strong point of this little head. 3 buttons and it rolls. A master volume knob, a gain knob and a button shape. Little more for it because our settings by fiddling you can really get his sound.
Conclusion, even a penguin wearing mittens succeed in having fun for hours to find his sound!


I play everything. It ranges from blues to metal passing through the rock and shred. It's simple, with this head, I can do anything! Just really tweak the settings and listen. The resulting sounds can be bold but well incisive. Well, on the other hand to play clean is more difficult, it slams but it's still very much correct. I use it with a guitar equipped with Seymour Duncan, the amp clearly illustrate the character of each microphone.


I use it for nine months and I am really overwhelmed. At first, I had gone to buy a Marshall. But after trying various Marshall I thought the sound lacked soul and identity. I saw this little head in a corner and I thought "hey it looks nice and simple this little thing." I plugged in, and miraculously! I found my partner! Even now it still amazes me because with just two buttons, the possibilities are "endless". So this is main feature of any power play. In terms of value, it is nikel. It has a small head with good design and that sounds perfectly fine. It comes with a super-Gig Bag which protects it in all my travels.
With experience, of course I will ever did!!