Orange Dark Terror
Orange Dark Terror

Dark Terror, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Orange in the Terror series.

schtroumpf_plongeur 11/13/2013

Orange Dark Terror : schtroumpf_plongeur's user review

« Woooowwww! »

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All-tube amp with 7- or 15-watt switch.


It couldn't be easier.
1 volume control
1 tone control
1 gain control
The hardest is to choose between the 8- and 16-Ohm outputs and the effects loop.


I play a Gibson SGJ 2013, a ToneLab ST and a Palmer cab with 2 Celestion V30s (PCAB212V30). Together, this setup give me all the sounds I want.


I've been using it since June 2013. I used to have a MustangII before, but it can't come even close to this amp head. Moreover, I didn't know why I had so many problems with my settings. Was it the Mustang? The Tonelab? Now I have no problems. ;-)

Having more "guitar" experience, I should have started with this amp. But if we knew everything in advance...

In terms of money, the quality will make you forget the price.