Orange Dark Terror
Orange Dark Terror

Dark Terror, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Orange in the Terror series.

James... 01/28/2012

Orange Dark Terror : James...'s user review

« It aint tiny »

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ontrols: Gain/shape/volume
1.5 mm Zintec chassis w/ steel vented top case
15 watts Class A/ 7 watts Class A switchable
Tube-driven effects loop
Tubes: Preamp - 3 x 12AX7, effects loop - 1 x 12AT7, output 2 x EL84
Case: Gig bag included


As a big fan of the original tiny terror and dual terror I pretty much had to check this little amp out. The price point is attractive. But let's see if the amp pays off. The FX loop is great. All orange loops tend to be really good and they really have this nailed down on their amps. I use mine with a Bogner Oversized 2x12 most of the time. I tend to favor my old Ibanez rg550 with it a lot.


The shape knob is probably one of the best features in an amp that really makes an EQ section redundant. Careful control of it will give you all the tones you could want. I will admit that this amp is great at high gain and it can "chug" better than a lot of bigger heads. But the lower gain tones are also surprisingly great. It even cleans up nicely. Who would have thought? It's helpful to think of the dark terror as a tiny terror with a slightly more aggressive voicing and a lot more gain on tap.


This amp is louder than the tiny terror. Just getting that out there. It sounds like it has 22 watts to the TT's 15. So keep that in mind. You can play just about any gig with this. There's a ton of headroom oddly enough.

The only knock I could say is how similar it is to the tiny terror. To be fair, I think this is overall a more usable amp especially if you player heavy metal or the like. If you are playing classic rock or something then stick with the TT.