Orange Rocker 30H
Orange Rocker 30H

Rocker 30H, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Orange in the Rocker 30 series.

jerem's 02/06/2011

Orange Rocker 30H : jerem's's user review

« A future best seller power »

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After more than a year and a half years, I had to make him a notice to its height as it is now produced to date ...
30W all-tube cathode bias (true class A but it's not the debate)
3 ECC83 (Chinese original on mine is a little way to the Made in England at this price) in preamp
2 EL34 (JJ original, good what) power
2 channels (Natural and Dirty)
At the rear, a footswitch input, an output 16 and two 8 Ohms, no loop no reverb (not the philosophy of the beast, it's plug and play with the old!)
1 input jack on the front, switch On-Off Stand-By and to change the channel when it was not the footswitch (not included, yes it is shameful)

I put -1 for the stingy side of Orange and -1 for a little reverb would have been nice at this price (even if the sound is already without top and that when he was made the reverb Orange was not good press ...)


Ultra simple config, had no manual with no need.
Lovers of death, trash and other barbarities dug, go your way!
This amp is located halfway between AD30 series (very typical vintage) and series Rockerverb (typed more modern and capable high-gain). We could call it a vintage-modern to use a name dear to Marshall, I find it even more vintage and modern (rock and hard rock 70's to 90's to large).
This amp is deemed to recall the sounds of Marshall JCM800 type (some even cite the plexi) with a key unique to Orange.
I can not judge, knowing that these amps from what I hear on albums, but it seems to me that it actually approaches it is true (for the JCM 800 at least)
Natural channel has only volume, the higher you go the more one approaches the saturation of the EL34 can give little crunch following the attack (warning, when crunch is that it sounds very much! !).
This channel faithfully respects the guitar plugged in and play, it is very round and warm, it is still quite bright when it mounts the volume. In short it sounds nickel.
Dirty channel with master volume, gain and 3 band EQ rather effective.
It's simple, it always sounds so nice whatever the settings (even if he likes a bit pushed mids and non-dug).
Note that I use at home mitigated with a hotplate at 16 ohms THD (which complies with the sound in passing) because it's really hard to death as amp (mostly dirty).


I play on a closed cabinet PPC212 brand (one of the best if not the best market 2 * 12) with 2 home and V30 I plugged my Fender Start U.S. Big Apple (limited edition equipped home 2 double split-Seymour) with an ash body.

Natural channel:
As stated above, the sound delivered is very, very round, warm and can be + or - depending on the shiny guitars and when pushed to the limit of the crunch. 13h crunch to it in volume with HB, 14-15h with singles and many many respects the attack, a very good dynamic.
Can suit me as well to jazz, funk etc. following the guitars plugged.
Its only drawback is that it sounds really weaker than the dirty channel though comfortable enough in my opinion for group play (not tested in my case).
To really have the volume, you have to get the edge clean-crunch (I tried several lights inside, and each time they stay the same, so is the design of the amp in my opinion, unless I have a problem over which I have never noticed more than a year, but I'd be surprised!)

Dirty channel:
there, you wake the beast!
Until 11-12pm at winning, you have a clean cruncher that if you mount the master (saturation of EL34) and will also depend on your attacks, microphones etc.. We find the color of the Natural with the benefit that can result in a 3-band EQ.
From 12-13h to the gain, starts at more cruncher with Franco and HB 13h results in a big crunch very dynamic, which remind a little rhythmic style ACDC. Rock-Blues @ home what.
Over 13h until 15h and gain, it wakes up the cavalry and then the sound takes another dimension (the volume increases dramatically and you need to lower the master around 10 grand max, because that's where it gets hard balance with the Natural if you need a clean and a saturation in the same title). This is where is all the juice from the amp in my opinion. The big crunch OD-up of the most satus Couillu can bring you to the good old hard rock.
Then mount the gain was not in my interest if it is getting more compression and a fuzzy side (which may appeal to some).
Finally, we must remember that all sounds are really nice and usable, effective for correcting the EQ the guitar plugged along. The sound is better with mediums not dug a little and even boosted the treble volume pot acting somewhat in the manner of a knob according to the presence of scratches you metterez (less mids for me with a guitar rather brilliant snapping, maybe more with a darker style guitar LP-SG guitars and mahogany).
The channel adapts well to HB or simple mics (I have a preference for double with), and it appears that the P90 sounded the death over ...


I've had it for over a year and a half, and I think I never resell so I love the sound.
I have owned just before, as the first all-tube, of Mesa Express series (5:25 to 5:50 ET 12 "I've had trouble with ...) and it is for me the day and night and upgrade its quality.
So thank you to my salesman made me try this head because I do not regret it.
I do it again without hesitation that choice, because in nine 1500euros head PPC212 + + footswitch and cable, I have made a good deal for a store purchase.
I would put that 9 / 10 mainly because of the imbalance in volume between the two channels, otherwise it would be 10/10.
Note that this amp is no longer manufactured since mid 2010 and was replaced by the series Thunder30 (EL84, more modern sound with more gain possible, made in asia and not in England ...), which has nothing to So with this show and Rocker does not have the same audience I think (I mean, good for me because I have one !!!). This amp is very logical in my future bestseller power ...
So if you have the opportunity to nab a used one (before prices do not climb too ...), go for it, you will, I think, not disappointed.