Orange Rocker 30H
Orange Rocker 30H

Rocker 30H, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Orange in the Rocker 30 series.

mikeness 01/05/2009

Orange Rocker 30H : mikeness's user review


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Head tube amp
30 watts Class A
1 guitar input, 1 output 16 HP and 2 HP ohms 8 ohms
clear channel selector / saturated gain control, 3-band EQ for channel saturated only a master volume / channel


A simple amp head, with the bare minimum in terms of connections. No effects loop, no reverb ... old-what.
The sound is very typical "British", very nice, the 3-band EQ does its job without changing radically the sound: it acts more on the overall color rendering.
This is the Panard, it sounds now. No need to struggle for hours to get the sound with what I can swich loupiote selection of pre-amplification, adjustment of stroke, pre-gain, post-gain blah blah, like a well-known brand of 'across the Atlantic.


While there, to be honest, it's everyone's tastes. Do not underestimate the posted 30 watts, it sounds very strong. For the record, know that 30, 50 or 100 watts on your amp craneusement displayed reflect only that will consume your amp running. Big power displayed does not mean big powerful sound. Sound power is measured in decibels.
As mentioned earlier, we get with this amp, in saturated mode, only one sound: very medium, enough (see very) nearby Marshallesque sounds, but without the side screaming that they can have with a bit more bass and lower midrange. The bass sound terrible, the highs are there too. This is ideal for the big rock (AC / DC, G'NR), the heavy going carefree to the extent that you are not looking for metal tones present, the blues is at home too.
As for the clean channel, you must know that the only adjustment available is the volume. Indeed, your guitar will not go through the preamp circuit or officiate lamps pre-amp and EQ. In short, the clear sound that you will be that of your guitar, and point. You may also like me to color a little thing, you put in its full, and decrease the volume of your guitar pickups. They were like this before, remember ...


I use this amp for two years, no worries, the construction is very solid. I play in a punk rock band on Gibson (SG Classic, Les Paul Goldtop '57 reissue Les Paul Custom Alpine and White), I recorded an album, toured with this machine, and no worries. I highly recommend the purchase, after testing of course.