Orange Rockerverb 50 Head
Orange Rockerverb 50 Head

Rockerverb 50 Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Orange in the Rockerverb series.

moosers 04/06/2009

Orange Rockerverb 50 Head : moosers's user review


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The Orange Amps Rockerverb 50 is a two channel guitar amp head that is tube based and like the name states, delivers 50 watts of power. It has a 1/4 inch input in the front as well as a speaker cable output in the back to send this to an external speaker cabinet. It has one dirty (overdrive) channel and a clean channel. There is a switch to choose between the two, and the dirty channel has parameters for volume, treble, middle, bass, and gain, and the clean channel has parameters for treble, bass, and volume. There is also a reverb knob that applies to both of the channels.


The configuration of the Orange Amps Rockerverb 50 is really easy to follow, and the amp head is overall extremely easy to use. The inherent sound is really rich, making it quite easy to get a good sound from this. The parameters are nicely labeled, with symbols as well as written labels. I don't have a manual for this, so I can't speak to how helpful it is, but the Rockerverb 50 is easy enough to use that you shouldn't need one if you don't already have it.


The sound quality of the Orange Amps Rockerverb 50 is really incredible. You can get a wide variety of tones between the two channels and all of the parameters, making it a versatile amp in terms of clean and overdriven tones. I usually use this amp with a Fender Strat or a Gibson SG, always with great results for recording and live shows. While both the clean and dirty channels are great, Orange is known for their great on board distortion, and I would definitely say that this is where this amp excels the best.


I've been using the Orange Amps Rockerverb 50 for about three years and really can't say enough about how great this amp is for all types of music, but especially for rock on the heavier side of things. The price of the Orange Amps Rockerverb 50 is reasonable considering the high quality amp that you get when you get this amp. Overall, the Orange Amps Rockerverb 50 is a versatile amp with an awesome tone.